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King's Fort on Castle Island, Bermuda.

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Thanks Katerin and Shirley.


Great picture, and fantastic story to go with it, Thanks Robbie.


Thanks for the pics of the NASA station. Brought back a lot of great memories. I loved living there and spent a lot of time on those beaches on the base. I remember when they opened the McDonalds on base and it was the first one on the islands. They used to open up the gates one day a week and anyone could get on base to get a McDonalds hamburger. I kinda liked that there were really no fast food restaurants on the islands though. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.


Definitely PKH, thanks.

Hi Katerin, glad to hear from you, two people from the base in one night, how great this is. Yes the base closed down soon after you left I guess, seems like a long time. We miss you all. Around page 9 on my profile puzzles I have taken pictures from where the NASA station was. Just a few, most of water and shoals. I'll try to get some of the old base buildings, most were knocked down or renovated. Thanks.

I cannot say without getting in trouble PG!?

Hi Rob and thanks.

We never tire of the colour Celeste, thanks.

Yes, there was no way I could get out here that day Hanne, thanks.


So this is the place!! Indeed the waves were gigantic!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Very awesome and i still cant get over how blue the water is.. :)


Great set today Robbie - I've thoroughly enjoyed them - thanks.


Is this where your cannons came from?


Love the pictures of Bermuda and the stories you include are wonderful. I lived there for 2 years in the late 70's and then 2 years in the early 90's. It was a great place to be stationed. I heard that the base closed though. Do you have any pictures from that area of the islands?


A big difference from when you took your boat out before the hurricane!


Yes PPM, but I didn't find it!!


Treasure Island!!!


We crossed snooker, you are welcome and thanks.
Thanks TC, they sure were.


So nice!! Great times for you.


It was chickie, we call the fish Dolphin here but so many people think we are eating Flipper, so I use the Pacific name. Thanks.
You're welcome Glad, yes the format certainly stands out well, thanks.
Thanks TT and I agree.
You are right LJ, thanks. I forgot to mention that the local museum sponsored a dig here a few years ago and found some old Hog Money. They are coins that were minted between 1616 and 1619 and are very valuable. To think that we wandered all over the Island and never thought to dig for anything!

Very pretty set today, Robbie. Thank you.


Looks like a great place to explore! Oh, to be a kid again. Amazing color of the water. Thank you, Robbie.


Beautiful shot and the new format makes it much easier to see. Love the font size on the comments, too. Thanks, Jigidi.


Great picture. Thank your for your history information. The new puzzle format is impressive.


Sounds like a fun childhood Robbie. And Mahi Mahi! Mmmmm.


This is Castle Island and an important line of defense for the British when they were at war with the Spanish a few hundred years ago! This is where I spent a lot of time with friends and family, camping, picnicking, fishing and diving. There is a beach around the left side that is sheltered and we would spend weekends out here in the summer. We would jump and dive off the cliffs, have cook out boiling potatoes, corn, Bermuda onions (from Bermuda here, not Texas!!) and baking Hogfish, Mahi Mahi and lobsters and of course a few "pops" as my dad would call our drinks!
This is where I tried to row out to before the hurricane earlier in the summer. Can you believe that waves were actually running up the cliff? They were horrendous! This is the soft limestone and erodes quite fast. Pictures close to our home show the really hard limestone.