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For Monica, a beautiful example of a Three-Legged Teacup

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This is an example of a three-legged teacup. They are so dainty and quaint. Monica had asked what i meant by a three-legged teacup and Estelle at had a wonderful example photographed on its side. AND the matching plate is heart shaped! Perfect!


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Monica, you are more than welcome!!!! Glad you also enjoyed the puzzle!


OOOOOOHHHHHHHH! So THAT'S a three-legged tea cup! Gosh, thank you so much pinknblack for going through the trouble to find an example to show me what one was! That was so very sweet of you! And, what a lovely set to enlighten me with! This tea cup and plate is truly beautiful! Once again, thank you pinknblack for going through the trouble to do this for me! It is so greatly appreciated!


Just Joan, you can google the name one the bottom of your teacup and get an idea of its worth. Some are worth a few bucks and some are worth much more than a few bucks.


Gee. Are they rare and worth a lot of money? I'm pretty sure I have one laying around here somewhere....


Mom Kath, glad you enjoyed this little pretty. Thanks for the post.

Thank you. Fun and informative morning.