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Thank you very much, Sue. I don't understand why people like this one so much...because it was much easier to create than lots of others of mine. I guess I should try more often to "keep it simple."


This was wildly exciting, Wendy. So tricky too. I loved it. Thanks.


Well, Hester, with almost 300 solves, you're still on the board. I snuck the red bits in the puzzle because Edie is getting too complacent. I need to keep her on her toes.

Actually, Magda, there is help here too, but I've always been able to do the taxes, even when we rented out half our house and were trading stocks. Once the federal tax form alone was 60 pages long because of all the forms I had to fill. And every year we have Federal, State, and two Local tax forms. Each one has different items that are considered taxable. My father-in-law died last year and unfortunately his assets were in all different kinds of things. So I had an awful time trying to figure out what and where to put which and what. I asked my husband to help me out this year because it was too confusing. Well, he spent half an hour on ONE of the problems I was having and then gave up, went downstairs, and disappeared. LOLOL
Anyway, I finally figured out what to do with each of the problems. My mind is now mush as a result though. You can expect your planter after I get my brain sorted out.....two or three years as far as I can tell. LOL
I'm not declaring all the money I made from Mandy's top spots. She's got 705 right now (counting the old ones where "guest" is at the top who I'm not taking into consideration). So I made 705,000 on her alone. I'm surprised she's still talking to me.

Mandy, keep laughing. I'm going to continue sending you the bills.


I'm roaring my head off at Magda's comment below!!!!! Thanks Wendy :~)))


I will be very much looking forward to My puzzle. Thank you Wendy. Here we have a society who helps Seniors with the tax papers for only 25 Fr. Such a relieve. Everybody hates doing the taxes, and paying them as well. With all the income from Mandy's first places, you will be in trouble. LOL


Well I thought I was going slow on this one but I've done ok! I'm with Edie about the confusing red bits. That was a bit sneaky of you Ms Wendy! LOL. A fun solve though, thanks! :-))


Magda, I just signed out, checked to see if I had any new comments, and saw yours. I'll make you a puzzle with some of the plaid planters and with your flowers. :-)
And now hopefully, I can get back to my taxes. Did I say "hopefully"? Oh geeeez. I HATE doing them.


They are all lovely, quite different, but to me your plaid ones are still the Best. Thanks Wendy.


Pat, I'm confused too! But regardless of the confusion, I still plan on making you a pet-safe puzzle with the additional benefit of not needing water or sunlight.

Great Mariasha! I'm spending the rest of the night and all day tomorrow trying to get my taxes done, and then I'll get started on planters and flowers. :-)

Sure...I love your puzzles, so one for me is exciting!


These are beautiful flanters, or plowers, or, wait...I got confused reading the comments...sorry....! :-)))))


OK, PJ! I figure that these special requests will be fun to fulfill. :-)


Yes, Wendy, thanks - I was hinting, unsure if I could request. The planter would fit soooooo nicely here....


Laughing my head off at you, Edie! OK, well, I see I'm going to be kept very busy. But for the next two days I'm going to spend the majority of my time on my taxes which are due in two days. And it never fails- I promise myself that I'll be early....just once, but so far I never have kept my promise. I get them done right at the deadline before the post office closes.


Ok here goes. Bottom row second from the left, middle row far left, second from the right and top row second from the left. These are the ones I think would make nice flowers. I purposely didn't pick any of the ones with the red corners because I was mad at them for confusing me while solving the puzzle. lol


PJ, are you hinting? ;-)
I enjoy making these, so if you really like that one, I'll make a puzzle for you using it as the 'theme.'
On a side note, I Just noticed that Ms. Mariasha is second from the top....with an excellent time.


Fun and intricate puzzle, and Wendy - I just love the sweet, tender one (top row second from right)


Mariasha, would you like a planter puzzle designed with you in mind?

I have a row second from left...just something about that one that I especially like. The whole thing was fun, as usual, to thanks Wendy.


Edie, just out of curiosity, which ones do you think are especially pretty? To my way of thinking, none of these stand out as pretty flowers, BUT they do stand out as being bold...because they're less intricate than my usual planters.


I knew that they were planters I just meant that some of them are so pretty that they could double as flowers if you round them off. LOL


Oh, Edie, these are planters. Mandy has to pick out her favorite set once I've posted 10 choices of sets. I'm going to make a pet-safe one for Pat too. If you'd like some, just tell me.

I'll add the flowers when I know what sets to use.


Edie, I saw you and wondered why you hadn't made a comment. Then I see that you snuck yours in right before I posted mine to Willy.


Thank you, dear Willy. It needed a bit more work, but sometimes I get too confused then about which version to post. Sometimes less is better. ;-)
I hope you enjoy solving it when you get around to it. :-)


These are beautiful Wendy. Not sure if they look more like planters or flowers. Either way they are great. Got slowed down by three that looked similar. To me anyway. Fun to solve. Might try again when I start to drop off. Thanks, really fun.


Wendy, this is extremely beautiful, today I have not mush time to solve it, I do it to-morrow.
Great creation,
Willy. :-D