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Hanne - I am going to look for your clowns now, but I do seem to remember them! A higher degree of clowns is worth looking for! LOL


You never saw those good clowns that I posted links for the other day!! Well, they are not circus clowns if it's the kind you dislike!! But anyway, they are a higher degree of clowns!! And indeed they make us laugh!!


Well, we've all been eating the brownies today, Kirsten! LOL

You are so very welcome, Pat!


Love it thanks Jan


I don't see clowns or stern people! I see the Swiss Guards from the Vatican! Weird!! LOL


I agree, Jim, but also, it is easier to tell 19 - 22 year old wannabes what to do and how to train than it is to paid, stubborn, judgmental pros! It's so dependent on IF they want play his way and for him. I think it could be a surprisingly successful year or a colossal failure! As we both know, professional football is a completely different game!! :D


I think the reason Kelly will fail in the pros is speed. Just like Spurrier, his system won't work in the pros because players in the pros are all fast. In college he recruited fast players and his system worked because his players were normaly faster than his opponents. They won't be in the pros.


In looking for Hanne's stern adults, I started seeing rows of mirror clowns! YIKES - I HATE clowns!

Thanks, Hanne and Ardy. I am glad you enjoyed the puzzle! Now, if I can just get that image out of my brain! LOL


Hi Jan, I sneaked on the board at the bottom (4:09). Love all these colors. It does look more like wrought iron than snowflakes here. I can see Hanne's discipline committee looking at that little imp that's causing all the disruption.


I don't know why I have an association to stern grown ups standing in a row looking at you when you had done something you shouldn't have done as a kid!! Thanks so very much Jan, they are funny - because now I'm grown!!