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hydrangea, changes to soft colors in the fall

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Blushing Bride it is then!!! Although I`ve seen photos of Arborescens that resemble your puzzle, it is very hard to be sure, just from a photo.
And Blushing Bride is so much more poetic!!!!
This may be my last comment for now. I`m off for 3 weeks :-)


Hum, I've just begun a search, and I found something called "blushing bride." See the second picture (well, it was the 2nd picture when I looked the first time, but the second time I went to the site it was the first picture) which is in the set below this picture of the hydrangea shown in white -- where it says "view detailed images":

However, I should go out and get a petal and compare it, but I am a bit tired at the moment. Only enough energy to search on-line. ; )


Thanks, Schutkleur, I knew it was an hydrangea, I just don't know what variety it is. The shrub is not very big or full. And the blooms do not stay white like the traditional hydrangeas that I remember from my youth. It also doesn't bloom pink, but takes on this pinkish cast from the white which it starts with. A puzzle, well, the flower is, but so is this picture. ; )


Looks like Hortensia (Hydrangea to you) Arborescens.


Thank you, Schutkleur. This one only stays in the soft shades, but I really like it. Wish I knew what it was.


It`s beautiful Roseheather!
My blue/purple one turned completely green (posted a little while ago). Sometimes the green turns later into deep red. I`ll just have to wait and see if this one will, too.