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As Stress Free as It Can Get

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OHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Grrrowly!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the BIGGEST SMILE on my face and it makes all the hardship and heartaches I had doing the taxes disappear. I am so GLAD that Hester is now allowing you to solve puzzles. In no time at all, you'll be faster than she is....even with your paws. What an absolute DELIGHT!!!!

Yes, they are lovely, Ms. Mandy. You better watch out for Grrrowly though. :-)


Lovely gentle gradients for a Sunday stroll... thanks Wendy :~))


Hey, Aunty Wendy, this puzzle lark is a load of fun but not so easy when you have paws instead of fingers! Mum says my time of 3:26 wasn't bad for a first effort though! ;-))


Hester, I'm excited!!!! A hint for Growly- use the same password you use for yourself. That way you won't forget. And now I understand your definition of the word "tricky." Your English and my English aren't quite the same. ;-)


Mm, there's a thought! Leave it with me Wendy.... ;-)
BTW, by "tricky" I mean more challenging! :-))


Hester, I never thought of my puzzles as being tricky. I'm barely awake yet, so I'll have to think about your comment, and whether or not it's true or not. LOL Meanwhile though, I couldn't help but see that you got a great time on this. In fact, looking at the leader board, I see some surprises. Lesley is at the tippy top with Edie right underneath, and teegee who is a 'regular' on my puzzles is followed by lovely you. Where's Growly though. I would love him to someday get a top spot on one of my puzzles.

Willy, I'm delighted that you found this one stress-free. I created this one for newborns too. All they have to do is climb out of their cribs and get themselves to the computer. hehehe


This puzzle was alot better for me, It was really stress free, and every click when I solve this one was fun. When a baby can see this colors, he or she won't cry!!!
Willy. :-)


What a nice way to start the day! I love your tricky puzzles Wendy but this is a great way to get those brain cells warmed up! :-)


Barb, having fun is all that counts. ;-)


Fun puzzle, Wendy, but I was so slow compared to those on the leader board. (4:20)


Edie! You were probably typing up your comment as I was posting mine! Seven hours is a LOOOONG time without any power. I'm so glad you enjoyed this- I was thinking of you. :-)


Woohoo. After not having power for 7 hours this morning this is just what I needed. Lovely shades that you put together here Wendy. Thank you so much,


I'm glad you enjoyed it, Billie. :-)

Dear Janine, I promised Edie one stress free puzzle a day. I wouldn't have posted any puzzles at all today, but because of my promise, I posted this...and a few others after all. I hope you enjoy it when you get around to solving it. :-)

PJ, you're not at the top now, but I did manage to see you there! :-)


Wendy - a lovely puzzle, and I did enjoy solving it - but being no 1 on the Leaderbord is a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery seldom experience. Oh, well, I'll enjoy it the minutes it lasts :-))))

Wow.....this IS stress free. Looks great as a puzzle, and will do it later.
I like how you shaded some of the blocks and ribbons to give it a shiney side.
Thank you dear Wendy, I just love it......Janine.

Nice, fun to work.