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PJ's Special Request #3

36 pieces
154 solves
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hehehehe ;-)




I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. You better have! ;-)


Wendy - this was great fun - a great design, with cute and interesting details. Loved to solve it.


Thank you, Katie, Mandy, and Ardy. I was posting the comment about you being a champion ice skater I KNEW something was wrong but at the time, all I was thinking is that I wanted to crawl into bed. So my apology. And I really should have remembered that you were a roller skater because I even made you a roller skating puzzle that I happened to really love quite a long time ago. My brain isn't what it used to be. I even spelled "water color" in a title today because I forgot that it's spelled "watercolor." I used to be one of the three best spellers in elementary school and now I find myself making spelling mistakes all the time.

Judy, I think it would be pretty hard for a surfer to wrangle with the tangled mess in my puzzle....but I'm trying to see how it could be done.
My hand is getting better, thank you....and it's nice to be back again. :-)


Wendy, great Job!!! I had fun solving the puzzle, but my greatest joy was in looking at the finished work. The 3D really makes it pop and I want to go inside. Almost a perfect wave for a surfer to get inside. Love seeing you making puzzles again. Hope the hand is on the mend!


Lots of fun, but any bigger and I agree with Ardy, I'd have been too dizzy! 4:07 Thanks, Wendy! I must disabuse you of the thought that I was an ice skater. I was a skater, yes, but ROLLER SKATER. We do all the same things as ice skaters and compete just as hard and have as much fun! We just don't get all the glamour publicity and we like it that way! LOL


Lovely, Wendy. I like the smaller size too. I don't get as dizzy. Thanks.


I have to agree with Katy - the 3D effect is wonderful, it feels like there are multiple skeins of colourful swirled silk threads to navigate... thanks Wendy.


Sensational swirl! Thanks Wendy. :- )