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Kaleidos made from ...... Slinkies!! ~ Octomom's size

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I made these kaleidoscopes from freely available images of Slinkies. Remember Slinkies? I never had one when I was a kid, but boy !! Did I covet my friend's ones!

This is what they looked like when I was a kid:

But now they are made from plastic and come in amazing colours!!

I use a variety of programs to make my kaleidoscopes, recolour the backgrounds and assemble them into a collage. Each 3x3 collage takes around 2 hours to make.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)


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They were fantastic fun to make, Jan!! I didn't expect them though. Ain't serendipity grand? I'm so glad you found them, and love them as much as me. :))))


These are not like any slinkies I have ever seen! Just plain WOW!!!! I love the detailed designs on these, Kirsten. What fun they are - every single one....well, maybe the left and right middles are a tiny bit more fun, but only I would notice that! Thanks so much!!


LOL Gail! You're a clever one. I don't think I was that smart!


You might say you were ravenished, or famenous... or ...


Hi ya Gail! My week-end was just an average week-end. A half Jigidi Saturday and then some errands. And a half day at work on Sunday, and then in the afternoon I pulled together this puzzle and todays. But I'm elated to hear that you had a boring week-end. Who wouldda thunk you would ever utter those words? LOL I'm glad you've found a way to poke Norton in a way that stresses you both less. And it's excellent news that he's ravenous. Which reminds me that when I was a kid, I used to say I was ravishing when I was hungry. I think I was getting ravenous and famished mixed up. LOL People must have thought I was VERY vain! LOL

I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I had a ball making it. See my comment to Barb below about what my original plans were. I hope I can squeeze in one or two of your puzzles today too! But I'm about to make a start on pulling together tomorrows now. No rest for the wicked, eh?


Good evening, my dear, have a good weekend? Mine was the most boring weekend I've had in a while, and it felt great. Slept in, cleaned a bit, did a lot of puzzles, worked on some new ones, kept busy. Cuddled with Nortie a lot, fed his ravenous appetite, and am in the middle of doing my first real curve for him, other than random samplings. I was so thoroughly upset with the lancet pen, and it kept me from doing a curve until now. What I decided to do was just use the needles themselves to poke him, rather than trying to use the pen and having to stick him many times to get just one sample. It's quick and a lot less painful for him when I can poke him just once to get blood. I've already done two tonight without much fuss. Before, he'd get poked so many times he'd get upset, then I'd get doubly upset at making him upset and giving him more pain than he's in, so I'd give up. This way is much easier, and I can still use all the lances I purchased without the pen. Just thought you might like to know. I spoke with Andy tonight, and she agrees that his appetite will be key to how long he lives. As long as he's eating like a vulture who hasn't had a meal in days, he's good to go.

This was so yummy I had to do it in this size also.


Oldies are ALWAYS goodies Mariasha. Although I have to say that the rainbow plastic ones made much more interesting kaleidos than the metal ones would have! And I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle. :)))

Having remembered slinkies from my childhood, I bought one of the rainbow plastic ones for my daughter when she was little...they didn't "slink" as well, and broke quickly. So, when she had her son, I got him the old fashioned metal one. I especially like the middle left one...thanks, as always.


The ones I remember were metal too, Barb. My original idea here was to actually make a 2x2 for tomorrow's posting. I was intending on doing a funny take on the "spring" theme! And I expected to only find the metal ones when I went looking for the slinkies. But instead I found these plastic coloured ones, which made terrific kaleidos. And ended up making way more than I imagined I would. And had enough for a 3x3. With enough left over for perhaps another 3x3, or definitely a couple of 2x2's. So I had an unexpected surprise! And had to whip up something different for tomorrow. LOL

And I love that orange one too, for the same reason, and the crazy shapes the slinky made!


I probably did, Kirsten. I seem to remember them being metal and not all these lovely colours. Just realized I forgot to pick a fave ...... hmmm, I'll surprise you today by picking the orange one, simply because you can actually see the slinky. :-))


I would have nicked them, if they'd been in my house Barb!! LOL I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I had a terrific time making it. :)))


I know we had slinkies in our house when I was growing up but I suspect it was my brothers who had them. A fun puzzle, Kirsten. Love the bright colours. :-)