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Playing with Food~Oreo Speedwagon

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Those were the days...


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Thanks Tex for making me drool..................

And thanks Hanne for making me thankful. Ya know, I think I'll stay right here in Florida! :-) ..............


Thank you, GNT, glad you liked it.


Thanks, Hanne! I enjoyed the video, but it was scary. Oreo is a cookie, and here is a link to what it looks like:


Tex don't worry! I don't think you take anything lightly or are unsympathetic - on the contrary. I just felt like showing you the video. I myself love looking at beautiful pictures also if they show rough weather.

Thanks gnt, now I know!!


One of my favorite cookies is Oreo good post texas


But what IS OREO?? Thanks so very much tex!


Warbler, MR & Laurajane, go for the white Oreos! Yummmmmmy!


Hanne, I watched that through twice, and it's a lot different than the beautiful still snow scenes we see that you and others post. The hazards of getting around and losing power, etc. are most frightening. Do not think I take it lightly or am unsympathetic, because I don't, and am not. I would be in a panic if I (or my friends) was ever trapped in snow/ice like that. When I wish for snow, I'm thinking of the kind we get here, just a few inches at most, that's gone in a day or less! Thanks for the video, although it was very scary!


Wow, Hanne, that is very treacherous!

Cute Oreo wagon, tex! I was eyeing chocolate covered Oreo's in Sam's today...but I resisted.


Well,I guess it's a good thing I don't have any of these in the house.If I did that would probably be good for another pound or 2.TOOOOO good with a cold glass of milk.


There is nothing like DOUBLE STUFF Oreos!! Except a double Double stuff Oreo. Yummy!!


Hey, Morris, I love that one too! Do you believe those clothes? And how young we were?! Thanks for that. On my way now, Hanne, to look at the vid. Thanks, both, for providing me (and others) with entertainment tonight!


Not a pretty sight Hanne. I remember many a day trying to get home in storms like that.


Hi tex! Actually I'm going to bed now, but I think you should see this video about how it has been on our island the last 5 days and why we have been unable to move anywhere. HOW much do you like snow??

Sleep well when it's your turn, see you tomorrow!!


I love it tex! REO speedwagon. Much better song here.


Or a big bowl of Reese's! Hee, hee, I'm evil!


Forget the band! I want an oreo now!


Yeah! Now all I can think of is that song. UTube, here I come! Thanks, GGL. I love that song, here it is:


Oh, TS7, the Big Punster in the Sky will zap you for this one......better "Take It On The Run"....