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Looking down on to a Bermuda Reef.

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Jenny took this from on top of a hill, not a close-up. On the bank are the Australian Casuarina trees which have sprouted from fallen seeds that the birds dropped. If you look carefully there are three Parrot fish in the left top quarter of the picture, one is quite large, the other two smaller near the reef. In the top right hand corner and diagonally down the reef you can see some Golden Sea Rods that look like antlers. They are a type of sea fan. There are some odd pieces of Sargasso seaweed floating on the water. There are a couple of Sea Puddings which are soft black slug type of creature on the bottom near the round reef structure. Those were our cheap water guns when we were small. You pick them up and squeeze and they shoot a long stream of water for a short while. There used to be loads of them all over the island so we had plenty of ammunition. This spot is in the same location of Bay Island from my previous set.


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You're right Katerin, no we don't eat them but I believe they do out in the far east. I like to try most foods but this is not one of them!! Thanks.

Jenny is pleased PK, thanks.


Gorgeous picture thanks Jenny ....


Sea puddings? I remember snorkeling somewhere around St Davids and there were hundreds of those sea slugs on the bottom. Sea pudding makes them sound tasty or cute..... can you eat them? They sure weren't cute though.


Thanks Jana and Ank, yes great fun in this pretty water.

Hanne, yes we threw them back in the water, they were fine. In the sun they just melt, but very rarely, only at very low tide on a very hot day, thanks.


Sounds SO funny - and interesting - but the sea puddings could you put them back again and would they survive?? Thanks so very much Robbie and Jenny!!


Lovely Robbie, the color of the water is so beautiful.


Thank you Robbie for a great story from your youth, when you played at a great shooter. beautiful photo.


Hi rob, not ours, only salt water and we only have the one variety. You probably have a few, thanks.

Hi Bizarra, yes Bermuda is my home and this spot is where I spent summers with friends, thanks.

Sure is Mary, thanks.


What a beautiful place.


Beautiful Robbiel, do you live in this paradise?


OOHH! I want to dive right in & check out the fish life Robbie!!!
You've got to be careful with those sea slugs - they can squirt out a very, very sticky goo sometimes!! It's like super glue!!


Hey mate we crossed while I was typing, thanks.

Same with you Shirley. The SP is black crescent looking, the big fish is looking right at it about 2" away on your screen. Thanks.


Our water temperature today was 66 F, way too cold to swim!!


Yes it was JC, thanks.

No Lela, I'll let you continue with yours, does not sound very tasty.........Sea Pudding Wine! Thanks.

Glad you like it Ardy, no the Sea Puddings survived to live another day.

Thanks lyndee, to a Bermudian the water temperature is very cold, we like it in the 80s F. I'll look it up for today and list it, if I try now I will lose everything I have typed.

Dondi this is in a bay next to a public dock where lots of boats come in and out. This is not typical of the surrounding reefs which are on the whole in pretty good shape. Our coral reefs are the most northerly in the world and because of the slightly cooler water we do not have a big problem with blanching and dying as they do down in the Caribbean. Along the channel where the cruise ships come up there is a lot of silt produced by the props and some coral is dying. However the rest of the outer reefs are quite healthy. The fish population was severely depleted between the 60s and 90s but with fish pots banned and certain large areas protected from fishing, the numbers of fish are slightly bettter. This particular area you see has been like this since I was a child. Thanks.

Heh heh, sorry about that PKH, not appetizing at all!! Thanks.


Yes, Robbie I spotted the Parrot fish, not sure if I was looking at Sea puddings though, well I know you had fun with them but I think I'll let them be, Thanks Robbie/Jenny for your interesting puzzle.


man this is beautiful!


Shoot. Sea pudding sounded quite tasty til I realized it was a slug type creature. That gave me a whole new respect for pudding.


Robbie, the reef doesn't look all that healthy to me. Are the Bermuda reefs suffering the same attrition as those in the Bahamas and, apparently, elsewhere around the world?


Gorgeous Robbie. Is the water cold this time of year?


What a wonderful picture and an equally wonderful guide around the picture. Thank you both.
Did it injure the Sea Pudding to be squeezed like that?


Oh!....I used to squeeze tadpoles for home-made wine!.......Have you ever made wine from your Sea Puddings?......


Squeezing sea slugs! How fun!