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Mix of old and new :)) I

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Good evening Edith - at least I suppose I should be around evening at your place at the moment. If you don't mind I'll use English tonight as well, I'm too tired to think and English comes more easily than German in this case. :))) I like to do many different types of images, if I always do the same I get bored, so when I get some time - usually at the weekends - I experiment with some painting programs that you can download for free like the GIMP program and it will take me a long time still to figure out how everything works, so there is always something new apart from the normal puzzles like this Mix of old an new.
I like the idea of a Family Day holiday, I could do with a long weekend as well as we won't get any until Easter and that is still a long time away. :)) If you are retired I won't make much difference, but for me the long weekends and holidays are the milestones in my working year LOL.
I don't know how old your daughter is, but as she is accustomed to travel I don't think that she will have any problems in India.
I'm also somebody who doesn't need much company, but I don't think I would enjoy a whole week without anybody driving me round the bend LOL - and I'd like a taste of your dumpling soup. :))))
Nice to chat to you again. One of these days I'll make I over to your place I promise. :)))


I do what I can, Ardy LOL, but very often something has to stay undone. I'm well on the mend again and feeling much better. Thanks for your visit, it's always nice to see your message waiting for me, I also got your other message and I'll answer as soon as I can. :))


Hello Roerick3, it's nice to know that you enjoyed the combination. Thanks for dropping by. :))


Hi Kirsten, no walks yet, but the nearer my summer gets the slower the pace - at least I hope so. I'm glad I could offer you some fun RW2. :))


Glad you had some fun Mandy. :))


This was so much fun Dagmar. I love the variety in your puzzles. I may go back and solve some of the older ones. I'm writing in English today since my mind seems to be elsewhere. My daughter is planning her next trip and informed me yesterday that it will likely include India. Not sure why the thought of her going there bothers me but I'm always concerned for their safety. But like you said before you just have to take life as it come. I hope you are feeling better. Today is a holiday here. 'Family Day' they call it. It was started in 2008 because there were no long weekends in February. It's just another day for me except for the fact that my other half is still here. He usually heads to Toronto monday morning and comes home on Friday. I enjoy being here alone but one extra day won't kill me. Plus he's making me dumpling soup for lunch. Take care.


Dagmar, You create such lovely puzzles and still find time to solve and work such long hours. Thank you. Thank you for this. Hope you are back to feeling well again. Have a good day.


Great combination of all of your puzzles. Thanks for sharing them again.


There's some lovelies in there RW1!! Thanks so much. :)))

And I hope that today brings you nothing more hectic than a brisk walk!!


I love these mixtures, thanks Dagmar :~)


I'm always glad to provide some fun, and you are always welcome to it. :))


fun to do...thx