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Virginia! Old Church Circa 1872

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Here's an old Virginia church in Catlett Va. Catlett was the farthest north and closest to Washington D.C. the Confederates were able to maintain a supply depot. Mosby spent time here, as well as Jeb Stuart. The circle on the Bell tower says: Trinity 1872 M.E.C.S.


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It is still an active church, kittenlove. Thanks

I wish the addition matched, too, Gene. Thanks

Its active and they have bake sales and yard sales and a great breakfast twice a year. This is about a block from one of my businesses. Thanks fodus

Pretty Church. The pastor must live in the addition, if it is still run as a church.
But sometimes old Churches have been turned into beautiful homes.


Fantastic old church warbler.....wish the add-on was white to match the church.....I used to go to an old church in Arkansas .....Thanks Patti for posting this one it


Looks like a modern light on top of the front. It is well kept. Thanks for posting.

I love old churches. This is a really nice one. Thank you.


Put yours up Chickie, I bet we love it!

I looked, its a new addition parsonage, Tex. Thank you.


This one is so pristine looking. Is that a parsonage in back or just more of the church, you think? Nice photo, Warbler. Thanks.


You are finding the neatest old churches. I took a pic the other day and thought it was kinda cool until I've been seeing the ones you are posting.


And used every Sunday, PG. Thanks


That was eight years after the war. Nice church Warbler still clean and white.