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Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is always celebrated on the last Monday of January.

Bubble wrap was invented at Hawthorne, New Jeresey, when Al Fielding and Marc Chavannes, and engineer and a Swiss inventor tried to invent plastic wallpaper with paper backing in 1957.

They failed, but in the process bubble wrap was created. In 1960 they went into business and their company is now the prime worldwide manufacturer of many specialty packaging materials, grossing more than 3 billion USD.

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day was created in 2001 when a radio station began bubble wrap contests, such as popping relays and sculpting.


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It is, and I've found that some days celebrate more than one thing!!! It's been a real eye opener!! Thanks for all your support and help whatnauts :~)


Perhaps it will be of some help. There was some talk yesterday on one of the tv morning shows about it being bubble wrap day. One of the ladies mentioned she had a calendar which listed some sort of appreciation for each and every day of the year!!


Whatnauts, I had not seen that website, thank you so much for the link :~)


monza, are you aware of this website:


Thanks PJ, it's great you want to join in all the celebrations, I look forward to many more:~)


Oh yes, Katie, it would be wonderful in various colours, I could only find the clear and the red when I was looking for images to put in the kaleidoscope, I didn't even see any green!! I'm glad you had fun :~)


Mandy - a wonderfully fun puzzle, great fun and interesting comments and Mandy - I do agree wholeheartedly "... trying to find things to celebrate every day... and if there isn't something, then just celebrating life itself if uplifting". Whereever you find these celebrations - we are joining you :-))


Mandy, I actually just heard this - listening to The View on TV! Bubble wrap popping is irresistible. I've seen it in green - a newer recyclable plastic. But wouldn't it be great if it came in all different colors! Thanks for the celebration!


Oh Wendy, I didn't say I still ban popping... only that I used to!!

Thanks Pat, lots of my deliveries used to be sent with that weird packing material, that claimed to be edible... not that I ever tried. I remember once stringing together lots of styrophone shapes to hand in the windows as Christmas Decorations!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzle though! :~)

Littlebuttercup - I've missed it too... if it exists, I'll have to do some research!! LOL!! Thanks for visiting and stopping to comment though :~)

Have I missed the Duct Tape Appreciation Day puzzle, or do I still have it to look forward to???


I agree, Wendy--it's too much fun to pop it, so I wouldn't be able to resist! And I do appreciate bubble wrap, although it can be a pain to recycle. But it's so much better than that styrofoam "popcorn" that gets all over you and the floor! LOL!

Oh, by the way--really pretty puzzle, Mandy! :-)))


This is so COOL, Mandy! But the thing is, I've changed my mind about visiting you. In my family, all of us love to do bubble wrap popping. You're no fun!


Thanks Pat, I'm trying to find things to celebrate every day... and if there isn't something, then just celebrating life itself if uplifting :~)


LOL - Barb, in my house bubble wrap popping was banned!!! I used to use it for wrapping delicate objects when I was a partyplan demonstrator - and it worked brilliantly, but I do know there are many people who love popping it!!!


Thanks Kirsten, I'm having fun researching them... I'm amazed at what I'm finding, and delighted that other people are enjoying them too :~)


Another day of celebration hip hip horray.... Thanks Mandy good puzzle


Love all those pretty kaleidos, Mandy! Lots of wonderful blues, my favourite. And don't you just love to poke holes in the bubble wrap?? LOL


LOL!!!! I'm lovin' these "day" theme puzzles Mandy!! VERY unique, VERY funny and VERY beautiful!! Thanks for the fun. :)))