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New Theme Tomorrow: "Spring Is In The Air"

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Hi Wendy and Lia. It's been odd this year for sure, temps are up and down, all over the place. Hope you will be warm soon, Lia.


When I came back from Spain (a week ago) it was spring here.
Now it is winter. Freezing and a stormy wind from the east (the cold side = Russia)
so although it is now -4oC it feels like -17oC !!!! Some places in Netherland snow too! (not here)
It is going to stay like this for the next 4 days!!!

But then.... I hope spring will really begin!!


Spring is definitely in the air Sue. People were out mowing their lawns yesterday and I had the windows and doors open. Love it! The birds are singing and chasing each other, we all know what that means. Today is another brights sunshiny day.............Wendy


Hi Ardy...yes, I shall enjoy it. We have been cold (for us) for the last week, so I am glad when it started warming back up yesterday. February was one of the warmest around and plants started blooming wildly. I have been repotting plants and moving others from huge pots to the ground in my back yard. Now the yardwork starts in earnest and continues for 9 or 10 months!


Ah, well. I think Spring is an optimistic season anyway. It's bright sunshine here, 65*F here and headed to 81. Of course the last week has been awful, one day it was twenty degrees below the normal, after a very warm February. But, I like to believe Spring is on its way. My azaleas have already had one of their showiest seasons in years, but the are nearly done blooming already. Lots of my northern friends still have snow on their azaleas. My Mom was from upper NY. She used to say that Daddy got her to the South as soon as he could. I'm in central Florida, so life is good, green and gorgeous for St. Patrick's Day


Maybe in your air, Sue,but not up here. Snow in my forecast for Tuesday into Wednesday. Last I checked it was below freezing here this morning. Enjoy if you've got it ☺


Hmmm. It's St. Patrick's Day, with temperatures well below freezing, the wind out of the northwest at 15 mph, and an overnight low forecast at 3°F - the coldest day in a month! Seems a bit optimistic...?