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Salvage tug "Tsavliris Hellas". This one's for Katy.

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which zoo, heidi?


ha, ha, ha!!!


I used to be a zookeeper. They say: once a zookeeper, always a zookeeper.


Heidi, that's not a home - that's a zoo!! I would love to see all of those birds. The most I managed was five and now I'm down to my African Grey (Layla) and a lost Irish racing pigeon (I live on Anglesey) which visits for food once or twice a day.

I know how much work would be involved with all of those animals so well done you!


Thanks for that, Katy. It looks as if yourself and Heidi are nautical groupies!!

The firm is from Greece and their base is Piraeus!


Yep, lots of birds. I raise Budgies, Peach faced lovebirds, Scarlet Chested parakeets, Plum headed parakeets, Lady Gouldian finches, Zebra finches, Bronze winged Manikins, Forbes Parrot Finches, Red Headed Parrot Finches, Spice finches and canaries, as well as Collies, Red Angus cattle and Gypsy Vanner horses. Keeps me busy, but I am still fascinated by the seas.


Thank you John, I love these pics of hard working ships (or boats?) Just curious what the country of origin is for this one. Katy


Great books, Heidi. I've got copies of them in the house. They do give a pretty good account of the difficulties faced. Their adventures were from an even earlier date than mine - if you can believe it!!!lol I see, from your posts, that you are a bird fancier too.


Years ago I read the 2 Farley Mowet books: ''Grey Seas Under'' and ''The Serpent's Coil''. They're both about deep sea salvage tugs. I've been fascinated by them, and the unique men who work on them, ever since.