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Getting into these swamps is starting to be a job.

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Is that a critter of some kind in the center at the bottom--on a log or something?


I got the nikon school dvd's haven't seen all of them will try that maybe there might be something in there


That's Ok .. just thought I would pick your brain a little but since there is no picking there will go another route...Thanks anyway Your Highness


Thank you lajuin, it just take a little work and a lot of practice to get there.

Sorry Princessness you can go on Nikon's website and they will be able to help you since I believe they know most of their cameras better then I do. Sorry without the instruction book I am at a loss.


Such clear detail . . . you must have a great camera, as well as an eye for form. Thanks


Is there anything I can do so it don't go back to default... at least while I'm using the remote..It gets cold going out there changing the setting and then waiting for the little birds to come back..

Good grief, PG, I'd be askeered of this spooky looking swamp in itself, if darkness fell I would be SO out of there!!! We thank you for your bravery.


OK your royal princessness that is a camera function not a remote control function. I need the manual to see what is going on with that and now I know why I did not understand you. It appears that it resets to a default when not used for a few minutes. I do not believe it was meant to be a forever thing like a dedicated remote.


Your highness I went into the camera menu and went to the release mode...then went to the quick-response remote and hit ok It will work for a few mins then after it sets say 5 mins I have to go back to the menu and do it all over


Pkin I do not understand your question. How do you reset it? It does not have a reset on it that I know of. There is only one switch on it and that is the on/off switch on the receiver. How do you reset it?


Question Your Highness... what am I doing wrong with the remote I can use it for a couple of times but after idle a while I have to reset it.


ooooooooops great set pg LOL


I bet they are pg was a job getting in to the swamp when I was young LOL


Anything for the pumpkin.

You are most welcome Hanne. thank you for stoping by and visiting.


Gators, bugs, heat, humidity. Not my kind of place. Thanks for going there and taking pictures, so I don't have to!


Indeed it looks wet an muddy!! Thanks so very much PG!!


Chickster you just need more friends in your swamp. I can have some sent in the summer so you too can enjoy them.

Thank you Shirley it is a place that you can hear the sounds of nature and me crying when I get askared of the dark.

Yes Sally this is Congaree Swamp and a fine swamp it is.


Well this looks like the swamp here in Southern Illinois, minus gators and pythons.


This is a fantastic picture PG, not somewhere I'd go on my own, but very interesting. Thank you, PG.


And thank you for going in, the photos are brilliant.... Swamps have a primal appeal that's fascinating... Never actually been in one.... I just like the eerie feel of them... The quiet, but not quiet... The window to long, long ago... Is this the Congaree Swamp? You probably already told us, but I missed it.... Thanks so much your intrepidness, braving the undergrowth, the quicksand and the many, many bugs... I can see why you're drawn there... Take care, please.... :) :)


I go in to photograph Rob.


Do you go in there just to photograph the wildlife or do you fish? It looks a bit too creepy for my liking!!! Looks like mosquito heaven.


They are starting to move this far north and they are trying to see if they can survive the winter here. We have gators that come up the Savannah River in the summer and you can find those bad boys in place such as this but I do look out for them.


I'm guessing you don't have any pythons there in SC. Nice set, again. PG