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My Stained Glass...

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These are door panels I made for double doors leading into a sunroom, for a client.


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Absolutely fabulous. You are truly very skilled.


Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! I really appreciate your observations and words.


WOW! How did miss this one! WONDERFUL, Dave!!!!!!!!!


complex design very well executed. I hope we'll be seeing more of your stained glass work.


Hot damn! YOU made those, warbler??? A hidden talent I was unaware of! They are wonderful!


Dave, that's amazing work, thank you for the opportunity to see ☺


Wow!!! You are a real artist! Thanks for posting this picture. The windows are wonderful !!!!!


YES! Please add my vote for you to repeat some of your earlier puzzles, Dave. I'd love to see more of your work!!!

Where do you find the time for all the things you do? This is lovely work and I didn't see the earlier postings either. More, please.


Gorgeous stained glass doors.


They are absolutely beautiful! I do vaguely remember you posting some of your stained glass but would happily be reminded with some more of your work!


Your stained glass work is superb, Dave, excellent design and colour choice, one very happy client I would think, would love to see more of this beautiful work of your, Dave, Thank you.


They are very beautiful, Warbs, and SO neat. What a wonderful hobby, and great you can earn some money from it too. Would love to see some more. Maybe you could repost some as I've never seen them before and it seems quite a few of us here have not seen them. Thanks and hugs, Janet


Thanks for showing, Dave. Very nice! Any more?


Very clever Dave................


You are a true renaissance man!


It's my first time seeing them too Dave - and they're beautiful!!! You certainly are talented:))) Thanks!!!


Impressive! Everyone else has said what I would have. Thank you for showing us your talent!


Dave, it's great to have a hobby that pays. I'm sure the supplemental income helps when you want to do something extra.


This is a first time that I see your beautiful artful work, Dave....I must have joined after you posted it long time ago! Thank you, you are very talented :)))


These are all copper foil, Ellen. I'm starting one now that is a mix of both styles that is a half circle, 4 feet long and two feet tall. My son used to watch American Chopper sometimes I'd watch it too. The yelling and fighting was bad but they sure made creative bikes around a theme. I got the idea to make stained glass for customers around a theme. These were made for a healer in Charlottesville and all the design in them has to do with different healing aspects.

Glad you enjoyed these, Floyd!

Thanks Laura for the comment!

It started as a hobby vfdl but has gotten more into a business. Thanks for the comment!


Thanks Ginger and Trudy for your comments!

Thats good Lyndee I did post a couple of them ALONG time ago it seems. :)

Thanks Beekay, its alot of fun.

Thanks Griosal, nice to see you tonight.


Great job warbler! Is this your hobby?


I am getting in line behind Ginger.


VERY, VERY NICE. Great craftsmanship.
Thank you Dave for sharing another item of you talent.


Oh well done, Dave!! Looks like copper foil method in the inside, yes? That's my preferrence, and also good where the panels get stresses, like closing doors. I like the twisted trellis design, too. Nice work!



I've never seen any of your work before Warbler. This is beautiful! Really beautful :-)


Bring back memories Warbler. I remember the first time I commented on one of your puzzles, it was one of your stained glass puzzles. (That's pretty good, since my memory's not that good anymore!)


You have an exceptional talent, Dave. Thanks for sharing!


I'm next for mine Dave. Truly lovely sir!! :O))