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Doll Lil Abner & His Dog Patch Band - 1945 Litho Windup Toy

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Remember reading Lil Abner in the 'funny papers', I
do. I also liked reading Dick Tracey, and Alley Oop.

Do you remember what you liked to read when you
could get your turn with the funny paper.

Oh, yes! I must share this with you. We lived in
a huge two story farmhouse in the country, and
the Sunday Funnies were delivered to our house
by an airplane. I remember one time, it landed
on the roof and my dad had to climb up there
and retrieve it, that was quite a memory.
Oh, and I remember one time looking
out the kitchen window, while mother
was preparing supper and my dad
was on the tractor and he was attached
to a lift, and was being pulled up the tractor
was vertical close to the barn wall,
right under the hay loft door.

I guess he was attempting to get some hay
out of the loft, to feed the cattle.

I said, "Momma! Daddy is driving up the wall of
the barn". I think that he managed to get off
the tractor by the time we got out there, as
I have no memory of anything past my looking
out the window, I was not yet in the first grade.
He wasn't hurt, just shaken up and lived
until he was 90 years old.



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Love this Doll. Love the story. Thanks for the tag!


@Bjresh , @RaynaGrace , @Isaly


I had one of these toys when I was a child. Daisy played the piano and moved back and forth, Lil Abner danced, grandpa drummed and Mammy directed by beating time. No music. Bet the noise drove my parents crazy!

In my 45 years of antiquing at shows, flea markets, and shops, I've never seen the drummer fellow before! Or if I did, I'd never have put it together with the rest of the toy. Is this one of your own collection? Thanks for the peek into your early years on the there's a book inside of you that needs to be written!!


Li'l Abner, American newspaper comic strip that ran from 1934 until 1977, chronicling the absurdities of daily life in the fictional Appalachian town of Dogpatch. Li'l Abner was created in 1934 by cartoonist Al Capp. The comic strip abounded in stereotypes of Appalachia.

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