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Good Morning Thought

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Celeste and Patti don't we all think we are the best???? Thanks for stopping by


heheheh thats cute


LOL! Thanks, Pat!


Hi Jan the day is over and so is that. Thanks for stopping by.
Ank if I only knew I would let you have the pleasure. But it is over with.
Francine thank you. You are so kind.


Pat some people are more sensitive than others so let the reporting pass.


Hi Patty, at last, it's 20:15 I have some time for solving puzzles. I like this thought. It's true, I do too. I made my miles, about 25x around the world in 45 years without making damage. Nowadays I don't drive fast, because of saving gas, but yes I did.
I'm sorry to hear someone makes a problem about your puzzle. I can't understand why. They are always lovely, cosy, funny and nice. I think someone needs a pat with a hammer. Hugs


Hi Pat. Sorry to read about that silliness. Your puzzles are cute, humorous, thought-provoking. Definitely not offensive. I was curious and found the referenced puzzle ~ it made me smile.


I try Mimi but you never know. Good morning hope you have a great day.


Pat, that is so silly! your puzzles are great and I cannot see how anyone could be offended. Your puzzles always make me laugh and that's a wonderful thing! Thanks!


Thanks Morris you are the greatest.


I can't think of any that would have been offensive! I have seen much worse than your chuckle of the day puzzles. In the eye of the beholder, I guess?
Blank 'em if they can't take, right? LOL
Hang in there, have a great day!


I just checked the puzzle and you didn't make any comment. This is the second time one of my puzzles has been reported. I know who did the first one but this one surely has me puzzled.


Good morning to you also. Don't worry about it you are the last person who would try to offend anyone!


Morris it wasn't a comment it was the puzzle. Good morning good to see you.


You offend anyone? I hope that it was not one of my comments that did it. Which one was it?


Will have to watch what I post as someone got offended with the "Chuckle of the Day" puzzle and reported it. So I got a nice little message this morning about it. It was put into the offended section. So sorry I never want offend anyone but you never know how someone is going to look at something. Thanks for being my sounding board this morning. Pat


Good morning monza006 it takes more than that to drive me crazy. But got a good GIGGLE out of it. Thanks so much.


Ah, but "above average" for what.... accidents, speed, safety, miles driven? I know someone who is definietly above average for speed!!! I am below average for speed... driving too fast makes me feel queasy!!! Being above average is not necessarily a good thing!!!!! Nice post pkin, it certainly made me think!!!! :~) Of course, driving could also apply to cattle, boats, mules and hard work!!!! oh and Golf!!!! - Please don't tell me I've "driven" you insane!!! :~)


Good evening Shirley I guess this is not for you.
Good morning Jcarroll,whew so glad of that.
Good morning Ardy I do too. We had a heavy frost this morning cold 28F but a good thing the sun is shining.
Thanks for all the comments and have a great day.


Good morning, Pat. I try to be even better than that!!! Thanks, Pat. How's your weather. Cold here Haven't looked outside yet.


I know I am! I haven't had an accident ALL day!


Good Morning Pat, I'm not a driver, never have been, so I guess this thought is not for me, Thanks for the puzzle Pat.