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All Together Now Butterfly

49 pieces
135 solves
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Thank YOU so much, Gail! :-)))


I love the swirls. I love the colors. I love the butterflies. Thanks for your art, Pat.


Thanks, Mandy--that's because it was made from the all together now swirl, which had the overlapping built in! I'm glad you like that effect when it loonies.


Wow, Pat, this one has got the most gorgeous 3D effect, showing lots of butterflies. Thanks.


Thanks so much, whatnauts!


Now this is one terrific looking puzzle!!!


Never thought of that, but you just might be right! :-D


Walking the dogs and untangling them - so that's where you get your "tangling" inspiration???


Thanks so much, Jan, mp, and Ardy! I guess this really does look more like 2 or more butterflies than 1 big one, and I love the idea of them dancing and kissing and preening before a mirror!

That was a long shopping expedition--be glad you didn't ever take the girls that long! They almost never want to go in the same direction, and each walk is a tug of war and a chance to play yet another round of untangle the dogs/leashes...!


Love these colors, Pat. They are very restful and are almost putting me to sleep. I don't dare take a nap . When I do I wake up with a headache and then can't sleep at night. I just got home from three hours at the mall. I'm also not used to walking that much. It's good for me, I know. It would be a lot more fun walking with Maggie & Cassie though. Thanks for the pretty butterflies.

Would like this in a lot more pieces. Thank you.


Butterfly reflected in water and in a mirror and two butterflies kissing. I'll be seeing butterflies all day -- and that's a "good thing". Thanks pd.


How fun! What an amusing design! (Looks like they've been dancing the whole night?)