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OK, here we go with doors again. This time it's London. - 1

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"Photographer Bella Foxwell has been capturing the beauty of London that a lot of people simply walk past. Doors. Her Instagram page, appropriately titled The Doors of London, features a rainbow of facades that are so quirky, they look like props from a Wes Anderson movie."

There are fifty of them shown in this article, but I'm just going to post the ones that appeal to me. That excludes any that are "enhanced" by the addition of artificial flowers. ~


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As Fai would say, "They have people for that." :-D


It is pretty, but I wouldn't want to be the person who has to do the annual pruning. Thanks, Pat!


I like the whole appearance of that place. But without that wisteria, you're right, Bill, we'd probably walk right by without a second glance.


Door? Oh, yeah, that thing next to the glorious wisteria. Not bad. ;-) Thanks, Pat.


Yes, I'm quite sure it is, Mary. Thanks very much for stopping to comment; I appreciate that. :-)


Very pretty. What kind of tree/shrub is that? Sort of looks like wisteria.


I think so too, Tim. :-) (Obviously)

Doors are good, always. Thanks Pat