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Time flies.....

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In loving memory of my dad.......
10.sept.1920 - 30.Oct.1988


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Brie, I also hope we have still a lot of puzzles left to do:))


Thank YOU Marilyn. Everyone here on Jigidi has his or her memories, good and/or not so good, it makes us who we are today.
I have so many good memories of home and the family we were.


The little old lady maybe right but I'd miss everyone I'd leave behind! My mum always said "the good go young" - I suppose those of us left here have a few more lessons to learn and our number isn't up yet and I hope I have a few more puzzles left to do :0))


Thank you Impie, it is good to be reminded of our memories of love ones who have died. The positive effects their lives had on us and our opportunies to pass on those positive effects.


Thank you Brie, my thoughts and love go to you too. You've also been through a lot, your mum died way to young at 47 and you were far too young to lose your mum. I'm sorry you and your dad couldn't see eye to eye, losing your mum must have been hard on him too.
I can imagine why you think 7 isn't your lucky number.
We all are going one day, but sometimes I wonder why people are taken so young and also when you most need them.

I have an old lady friend (89) in the States and she onces said to me...if you can't live with the fact to lose family or friends around you, you'll have to go first yourself!


Oh Impie, that is too much for anyone to have to bear.
My mum was 47 when she dies from a peritonitis and everyday I think of her. There were just so many things I wanted to ask and there could never be the answers. My dad was 63 but he and I never saw eye to eye but my mum was my best friend too.
When we had the terrorist attack in London in 2005 it was on July 7th. My mum died on the 7/7/1970 so 7 is not a lucky number for me.
The years fly by but the memories of when we lose the ones we love are there as if it was yesterday. I am sure the butterfly is your husband...their flap of wings is like a whisper on the wind...
my thoughts and love go to you


Hi Brie, we still often talk about my dad and also about my mum. My sons were 13 and 10 when my dad died, they were crazy about him and he about them, eventhough they were very young they still have so many good and funny memories of their granddad. He certainly wasn't old when he died, he had never been really ill, his heart just stopped. It was quite a shock when the police phoned me that he was found at the busstop near the hospital, he was on his way to visit my mum who was in hospital at the time.
It was the first real big shock in my life and I was devastated for a long time, but over the years I've come to terms with it, he will always have a special place in my heart just like mum. It's just on special days like today I remember him extra!

Last year the death of my husband was actually the biggest bang in my life (he was even younger than my dad when he died (2 weeks before his 64th birthday!) There has been a white butterfly in my garden all Summer and he seemed to follow all my moves, I'd like to think it is him:)


TOMDEAR, I'm sure your daughter will.


Thank you loveyagnes.

Thank you gemstone, we all thought it was too soon.


I know that butterflies are the souls of those we love...I am sure there is never a day that passes when you do not think of your dad; he was not very old, was he. My love to you Impie


Just beautiful, I hope my daughter will remember me in the same loving way.


A beautiful commemoration for a dad taken too soon.

This is just gorgeous