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Floating Spheres I

48 pieces
195 solves
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I sometimes do the same and when I get back to the puzzle I wonder whether I really wrote the comment or if I only imagined it :))), I'm glad I could evoke some childhood memories and thanks you for dropping by.


Sorry, Dagmar, I made a comment yesterday, but must have forgotten to post it!! The orbs look so much like a special kind of balls from my childhood, that I would SO much like to have, but unfortunately they were rather expensive and as I always threw them away my mother said NO!! But I remember their smell and the way they were to hold!! Thanks so very much!!


Thanks, Jana :)))


Hi Ardy, you are right about the spheres they actually have made puzzles by themselves :))), each sphere is made out of an image that I had created before some of them have even been posted like the one with the red cross that I have posted today. :)) I'm glad you like it and thanks for your visit and your always positive comments. :)))


It's good to hear that you had fun doing the puzzle and that you liked the design PJ and thanks for coming by to visit. :)))


Glad that I helped you to a good start into the week Hester :))) Thanks for your comment and dropping by. :))



Beautiful spheres. Most of these would make a lovely puzzle all by themselves. Glad you had play time yesterday. Thanks, Dagmar.


Wonderfully fun and great design.


What a great way to start the week! This is a delightful design, Dagmar! Thankyou! :-)