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Alien Sky :)) III

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48 solves
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Is there a copyright on it---I would love to have a small print to hang at home....


Tout simplement magnifique, merci.


It's good to know that you are feeling well and that you are having a rest from your surely very lively grandchildren. I suppose that the change has been rather drastic - not the geography LOL - from looking at the map it seems to be more or less the same type of climate and place than Louisiana - but so much peace and quiet after to small grandchildren must have felt rather strange. :))
I'm happy that your figured out how to get into the Internet again and as I don't get tired to say it always makes me smile when I see your smiling face around here. After Debs and Kristen (Randomworship) you were the first person to talk to me when I first started here in Jigid and I was very thrilled to be talking to you. :))
Now to the picture, I did and I didn't paint it. I painted the background, I placed the elements, but the actual drawing of the trees and shrubs where done by other people who created something called Gimp brushes that you can freely find on the internet and install in your program. I don't think that they drew the trees either, I suppose they manipulated photos to give them this kind of aspect. By now I have also learned to create my own brushes, all my flowers are alreay my own creations, but it will take me many months to do all the kind of brushes I want to paint with, like the trees here. I hope that in a years time I'll have changes all the generously given Gimp brushes for own creations. :))
Now I have told you again much more than you wanted to know. LOL
To finish this novel I want to wish you a lot of joy staying with your daughter and a wonderful weekend. I'm off now to get some work done and over the weekend I'll be up in the mountains to do the pruning in my patios. :))


Not sick, just busy---my Alabama daughter came in for New Year's--then took me back with her---so I'm an Alabaman now---little college town called Troy--home of the Troy Trojans (go figure)----no grands in this house---just me, my daughter and her dog---Took me a few day to figure out an Internet connection, but I'm all set up now----will be staying here probably till May----I've missed you all. BTW, did you paint this picture?


Hi Norma, I was missing your smile around here - not meaning that you have to come round to do my puzzles, I am the first one who hasn't got the time to do all the puzzles I want, not even a hundredth part of them LOL - I was a bit worried about you but I hope that only the pursuit of wonderful puzzles on other sites kept you away and that it wasn't the fact that you were ill or you were too stressed looking after you grandchildren :)).

I hope that everything is fine in Lousiana and that your little rascals are growing nicely. It was nice to see you again and I'm very happy you liked my swamp, when I created this puzzle I was thinking of a very old film called "Raintree country". When I was young I was very impressed by the scenery. :))


LOVE this picture----thanks for sharing!!