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Something hearty for the day. :))) I

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Gracias Spiderman, me alegro mucho que te gustaron todos estos corazones. :)) Buenas noches y nos vemos el miércoles. :))


Tu cuadro es amoroso . Spiderman


Hello Robbiel, nice to see you here, this weekend I was going to go round to your place to comment on your father's shell collection - I'll still do so anyway :))) - but here at least I can tell you that I loved all that I have seen after a quick look and I look forward to have a closer look during the weekend. :)))
I sure was sleeping at 5.00 am, I'm not good at getting up early LOL.
Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment. :))


Hi Dagmar, I hope you enjoyed your day today, I am sure you are ZZZZZZZZZZing now it is close to midnight here, so 5.00am there. Very cool puzzle, thanks.


Dann schreibst du gut und liest du gut, ich habe alles was du geschrieben hast wunderbar verstanden. :)))
Hast du den anderen Kommentar gefunden?


Nein, schriebe auf Deutsch, ich kann gut Deutsch lesen, nur nicht gut schreiben.


Hi Hester, who cares about the board when you are enjoying yourself.

I had a look at your hilarious menagerie of feathery playmates for Growly. I really do hope that this weekend I'll get a better look at them. They are absolutely extravagant. :)))

Thanks for your visit and it's always nice to talk to you. :))


Hallo Edith, es is nett dich hier zu sehen und es freut mich, dass dir die Herzen gefallen haben. :)) Ich habe dir auch einen Kommentar am anderen Puzzle geschrieben, ich habe wieder einmal etwas länger gebraucht bis ich es gefunden hatte. :)))
Vielen Dank für deinen Besuch und ich hoffe, dass es bei dir nicht zu kalt ist und du nicht zu viel Schnee hast. :))) Ich wünsche dir ein schönes Wochenende.
Ich hoffe, dass du verstehst wenn ich auf Deutsch schreibe. Wenn du möchtest kann ich in Zukunft auch auf Englisch schreiben. :))


Hi Ardy, no mountains again so I hope that I will get some well-earned playtime. :))) Let's see what the family has in store for me, things here have a tendency to turn up all of a sudden, somebody calls and then you are off all day to this or that family event instead of camping in front of the computer with a cup of coffee and something sweet enjoying puzzle making and puzzle solving. LOL I hope that you are looking forward to a nice weekend and that you will have loads of playtime. :)))


Hi RW2, no strolls yet but I'm looking forward to my weekend, when I hope I will find some leisure time. :))) May your Friday pass quickly and your Friday evening be very long LOL. :)))


Too busy smiling at this lovely message and puzzle to get a leg up on the board but who cares! I hope you have a lovely day with your Best Beloveds and have time to relax later on! :-)


I love the background on this one. Sehr schön. Viellen Dank.


A Happy Valentines Day to you, too with heart felt thanks. As your week winds down I hope you can begin to relax a little. The weekend is coming. Will it bring some play time or are you off to the mountains?


Gorgeous hearts, running woman!! And I hope your day is more like a lovely stroll, than a frenetic sprint. :)))