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Happy Birthday Jigidi

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thank you Magnus and Stefan for giving me a life


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Hi Mary, as long as we keep on taking the tonic things will be well


Forever thankful for the fun I have on Jigidi as well as meeting so many wonderful people worldwide. Glad you had such a wonderful day, June. Have to agree with your sentiments, exactly.


good morning Francine and Lee thank you, it was indeed a great day

It is wonderful to have Jigidi....I'm so grateful for Magnus and Stefan and for the puzzle providers....your birthday card was so sophisticated,,,loved it. Thank you.


June, I'll drink to that! Fun puzzle. Thanks. I have my post-breakfast coffee here every morning, without fail. And then, here for another and another.
Again, Happy Bday to Jigidi. Thanks again, Magnus and Stefan. It's been a wonderful day.


Hi Faye thank you, good to be a rocker after being an ageing Hippie for so long. Weather not bad at all 43 degrees, wet, windy, hailstones but just sometimes


Happy Birthday to jigidi again. Thank you to Magnus and Stefan again. And thank you to are one of "rocks"/"rockers" of jigidi that make it such a fun place to be! :DDD

P.S. How's the weather in your corner of the UK?


Hi Pat and Josie, you are both so kind and helping to keep me going, along with jigidi, lucky me


When Magnus first created Jigidi, who could have ever imagined what it has become for so very many people?!? One could almost say it is a modern day cyber-miracle! ;-) Lady June, you're one of the first members I had the nerve to "talk" with, and you are always spot on with your comments (not to mention the QUEEN OF KALEIDOS!) You put the DI-light in Jigidi! ;-)))


Great puzzle, a testament to your soundness of mind, by the way folks, June sounds good and strong.
It was my pleasure Lady June, thank you for your time. xxoo


and just a few minutes ago I was talking to Josie who rang me up from America, now how good is that?


Hi Katie and Hanne, thank you. Six wonderful years, millions of puzzles and countless people have a life who would otherwise be condemned to daytime TV. Plus we have all found new friends to chat with. I would hardly speak to anyone otherwise, apart from my children of course


Wonderful June!!


A daily dose of Jigidi always gives me much warmth. And June, you make it a wonderful party! Much appreciation to Magnus and Stefan for creating this place where we can share the joy!


Hi Pat, it's literally been saving my life since 2008. Only Jigidi and photoshop get me out of bed. Now I am usually full of the joys of life and not ready to leave the party


Jigidi Tonic has certainly been a life-saving elixir for me! Thanks for a very appropriate puzzle, June! And thanks again, Magnus and Stefan!


Hi Lela, well it does look a bit green so it's probably already in there


Good one Juneee!.....(To be taken with a dash of Tadpole Wine, of course!)........