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My Dogwood Tree

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Note to Drjean: This is one of my dogwood trees. It is the wild one I told you about.


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Dblay, You are very welcome, it was a lovely


Hi, Bjresh. Glad you visited my site and I am happy you liked my Dogwood. We do not have much snow or real, real cold weather, but rarely we do have snow and cold weather, but the Dogwood make it through just fine. I don't know how they would do in lots of snow for a long time. Good luck and surely your "nursery" folks would know. Thanks for our nice comment.


Dblay, your tree is gorgeous, I've always wanted a dogwood. I recently moved to N Idaho and they have many flowering trees here . . I winder if they can withstand snow? We have lots for quite a few months. THank you got the puzzle!


Thank you so much Nancy for stopping by and commenting on my Dogwood. I have two but this one is the most beautiful. I found it growing in my yard as a small twig and kept an eye on it until it was big and beautiful. The other one I bought and planted myself when I moved here over forty years ago but it is not as pretty as this one. :)) Good to see you again and don't worry about time because I am so slow solving puzzles and sometimes I wonder if folks think I even do them. (ha)


What a beautiful dogwood tree Donna. Enjoyed putting it together for it was a real challenge for me as you can tell by the time it took me to put together. Thank you for sharing. Nancy


That's nice that my name makes you think of Robin. In NZ mostly, boys are Robin and girls are Robyn, yet I was named after the red robin bird because I was red all over when born. (I still get that way when hot or emarrassed!!) I guess Mum and dad just had to stick to tradition over the spelling. I see you in lots of places too. I think you've commented on one of my jigsaws as well, I'm losing track of who did what. :) Have a lovely day, week, month and years and years ahead. ☺¸.`★•¸.`★•¸.♥


Hi Robyn and it is good to see you commenting on my Dogwood. Thanks for your nice comments and you are right, when plants or trees come up without help from us, they seem to do better and this one is proof of that. :))) It is nice to meet you. I've seen your name on lots of puzzles that I have done and I have a niece named Robin. :)) (That is the way she spells hers) I think of her when I see your name. I hope we "bump" into each other again soon. Have a beautiful day.


Wow Donna! Spectacular tree from a self seeded tree. I guess seeds will take root in the perfect spot for their needs, whereas when we plant trees ourselves it may not be the ideal place, like your grape vine, and many things I have planted that didn't do very well. it is such a shame that the flowers don't last very long, but on the other hand when something is in flower continuously as in my garden sometimes, I'm looking for a change in scenery! lol :) Robyn.


Looking forward to seeing you again too, Donna. : )


It is very nice to meet you too, Dottie, and thanks but I don't have a green thumb, just lucky I guess. :)) Hope to see you around again soon on one of your sites. :)


P.S. I agree with jasonchung! : )


Oh Donna, what a sweet story about this beautiful tree! You must have a green thumb for sure! It's so good to meet you and get to know you! Have a great day!! : )


It flourishes because it has been well taken care of and has felt your love for it. Now, many people can admire your effort and your sharing of its beauty.


Hi, Dottie. Good to see you visiting my Dogwood picture. I love Dogwood but the blooms just do not last long enough. :) I saw this little sprig on the ground under my grape vine many, many years ago and I kept watching it as it grew and my grapes didn't do well so I cut down the grape vine and continued to "pet" the little Dogwood. Now, it is my prettiest one. I had two others but the wind blew one down and the other one is very pretty but not as lovely as this one. I set those other two out after I moved here. Thank you for dropping by and I'm sorry I didn't see you until now. I visited your site this morning and saw the beautiful picture of a sunset on Guntersville Lake and left you a message after doing the puzzle. Have a good day.


What a beautiful dogwood, Donna! Dogwoods don't grow in this area of Alabama...or at least I haven't seen any in the 11 years I've lived here. My hubby and I were both born and raised in Birmingham and there are so many in that area...we really miss them. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us!


Thank you, jasonchung, for stopping by to admire my beautiful Dogwood. It came up as a sprig in my yard and I protected it as it grew into my favorite Dogwood. I am glad you like it.


Beauty captured in all its glory and preserved in a photo for all to admire for many years. Thank you, dblay.


Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my Dogwood. It is in bloom now and almost ready to "pop out." :-)) We had some cold temperatures last night and I am so hoping it didn't hurt it. That is weather in Alabama - one day too warm for winter and the next day cold again. :-))

I just found your tree. Gorgeous!!


Thanks for stopping by, mariolyn. Yes, this particular Dogwood is my favorite and it came up "wild" in my yard. The other one I have, I bought and set out when it was young. I don't have a photo posted of it.


I used to live in Connecticut, covered by dogwood in Spring . You sure caught this one at its beautiful best. Thanks.


Yes it is and it grew up "wild." It is my prettiest one each year. Thank you for stopping by, fodus.


This one is loaded.


Thank you, TTwistedRosee, for your nice comment and thanks for stopping by.


The whiteness of the tree really stands out, made it very enjoyable. Thank you.


Thank you, Cfricot76, for dropping by. I bought two Dogwood, one white and one pink, when I decided to plant them in my yard, many years ago. They both ended up being white. :-)) One is left and one was blown over in a wind storm. But, the one I have posted just grew up wild in my yard and it is the prettiest one of all. Glad yours turned out so nice and everyone is enjoying them. I love Dogwood but they do not last long enough.

I had two dogwoods in my backyard that were pink. They were lovely. Every time I go by MY old house, I'm glad we planted them there, for everyone in the neighborhood to enjoy!!!!!!


Thank you seagirl7. I am glad you dropped by and liked my tree. I have two white Dogwood but this one is usually the prettiest one and it is "wild" and the other one, I bought. :-))


Wow! That is the best looking Dogwood tree I have ever seen.


Thank you, debodi, for dropping by and liking my tree and puzzle. Sorry that I am just now getting back to these.


Beautiful tree, nice puzzle, thanks.

I wish Kinkade had seen your "white" dogwood, however, :))))))


Thank you for dropping by and liking my tree, louisee. I hope the tree does this well next spring. :-)


Exquisite tree, thanks dblay


Thank you and I'm glad you found it and liked it.

All I can say is WOW! It is soooooooo, beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. Sorry I missed it before now. TAKE CARE!!! :-))


Thanks, alliebono and katlvr. Glad you liked it.




How beautiful!