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For My Garden

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This is what the neighbor kids, ages 7, 9 1/2, & 11, made and gave me for my garden in thanks for the shelves I made them for Christmas. They insisted it is a stepstone but I told them I couldn't put it in the dirt or concrete & step on it. I said I had a better idea for it but I didn't tell them what. I lacquered it & mounted it and today I hung it on the fence beside the gate. They haven't seen it yet...............


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Isn't this just marvelous?! I make Xmas gifts for them each year (already working on this years!) and they just LOVE to 'help' me with my gardening. LOL! This was a "Thank You" & such a surprise, and, yes, they are pretty special. Thanks, mariolyn.................


Very special gift from, obviously, very special neighbor kids.


Thanks, Erna, I love that series. That tree is so fantastic. It is a baobab, right? The artist(s) have been very careful to not harm the tree by taking too much bark away. I'm very happy about that. Thanks, so much................

Kathy, thank you for such nice words. Each Christmas I make gifts for the kids. At first it was jewelry but it is hard to make jewelry for a boy, or different things suitable for little girls. So 3 Xmases ago I started decorating wood items for them. First were name plaques for their doors, in their favorite color & interests. Then it was 'personal boxes' with locks, again in their color & lined with felt. Last year each got a what-not shelf & a few figurines. My reasons for doing this?: I like them; they have SO MANY electronic things; &-- just as you implied-- I wanted them to learn to appreciate all that goes into MAKING something special for someone & the joy it brings to both---not just buying a gift from a store. And judging by this gift from them, I think it's beginning to work! :-} ..............


There is NO gift better than the one that is made by the giver!! I just love this & you are very thoughtful to have given it the respect that such young art talent deserves! Kudos to you!!
hmmmm Me thinks ~ Perhaps I should get to know my neighbors better??


Hello 'annjax', thank you for your comments on my page, the old Tree is really special ... no one knows who the carver was or is, not even the native tribes knows to them the Tree is like a 'Calendar of time'Thanks for you note...Erna


Thank you, Suzy and Richard, it was a big surprise in that they did such a good job on it for their ages. I knew they were making a 'step stone' for me because their mom had told me earlier. But she didn't give me any details other than they had poured it into the mold. I thought it would be typically children's handiwork. I had no idea they would do so well. I asked their mom if the kids had done all the painting & she assured me they had done every bit. When they saw where I had placed it they decided that I was right---it was much better than stepping on it and that beside the gate was really nice because everybody who visited could see it. When I told them about the puzzle & that people from all over the world had seen it, loved it, & praised them for doing it their little faces just beamed. They were so thrilled. And, yes, I am very proud of it---and them! And by the way they were huddling & whispering as they left I suspect I will see the arrival of another one eventually! LOL! ...............


Now that is a garden decoration you can be very proud of annjax.


What a marvelous treat for you annjax!!! They will be very pleased to see it in its place of honor. :)


To all of you, my very special friends, I will answer as one. Thank you SO MUCH for such sweet, kind words. I will be sure to tell the kids that people from all over the world saw their beautiful work and all of them praised it highly. I'm sure they will be so pleased just as I am. You are all very dear to me and I appreciate the comment from each of you. Thank you, Friends, from me and on behalf of the kids who I'm sure will feel the same..................


What a lovely gift AJ and I like what you did with it, thanks.


you have nice neighbors ann!


Lovely Ann, thanks


Wouldn't it have been a pity just to step on it!! I think they will be proud that you did it like this!! Thanks so very much Ann!!


Love it ..very pretty stepping stone... thanks Ann


What a lovely kids--This is realy beautiful made . Yes you have to praise then in my name to.


AAAWWW! They did a wonderful job on it! It's very beautiful Ann, you'll have to tell the kids that you showed it to all of us and that we all mentioned how pretty it was! Kids sure do love to get all that praise! Thanks for sharing it with us, it's looks quite striking on your fence! A much better idea than putting it in the dirt where it can just get broken from being walked on!...Hugs


This is beautiful made - I understand why you hanged it on the fence. Thhanks for sharing :-)