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One end of today's rainbow

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Thanks for the plant info ppm. Left you a reply on my kitchen puzzle.


I DO, Hanne! I spend unconscionable amounts of time at my computer, whence I need only turn my head to see the scene pictured in the puzzle!

(David, did I use "whence" correctly?)


I would spend a lot of time there if it was MY back door!!


Yes, Hanne. This is the view from my back door.


And you look at this every day?? - what a wonderful sight you have!! - and view!! Thanks so much, Varda!!


The reddish plant at bottom left is a jade plant (Crassula species) that has not yet shed its spent blossoms; at bottom right is a cookie plant (another succulent similar to the jade, and one of my very favorites). The cane-shaped spike in the center rises from the pointy-leaf plant below it; it was here when I moved in some 30-odd years ago, and I have never tried to learn what it is. The green stuff in the background I can't identify specifically, but it includes an olive, a macadamia, and several bottle brushes.


Ppm, I love this picture because I cannot recognize one plant. Even the palm in the distance is different than any in Bermuda. Thank you.


So which end had the pot of gold? Thanks!


Both ends are lovely! Thanks!