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Tiled Mandalas

63 pieces
115 solves
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Gosh Kirsten, I know exactly where you are coming from. I've barely solved any of yours for several days - and my bookmarks would be overflowing if that was possible!! Thanks for vising and stopping to comment, it's always appreciated :~)


Thanks Edie, you are still visible on the board!! Glad you had fun :~)


Thanks Wendy - I'm going to look at your latest puzzles as soon as I've finished here... I can't wait :~)


Love this one, Mandy!! Gorgeous colours and patterns. Thanks so much. :))

And I hope the new job is going well. :))) I also want to let you know that the reason you haven't seen so much of me lately is because I find it really hard to find the time to do bigger puzzles. Not that I don't love them of course. I do. It used to be all that I solved! But these days, they have to be littlies for me. Or I am not able to squeeze any solving in at all! Grrrrr. LOL


Very pretty is right, but may I add also very tricky. So many similarities. Look quick and you'll see me on the board. Thanks Mandy, it was fun.


This is very pretty, Mandy. :-)