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Eye of a Red-tailed Hawk.

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Definitely!!! LOL!! Thanks Deborah.


Definitely a hawk eye! Love it!


Thanks Angelbender - that's an interesting story about the sparrows. They've all got a pecking order I guess!!
I just found an article on Wikipedia that said they're sometime called Chickenhawks - guess it depends where you live.
Thanks lyndee & Mary.


Here in TN.we have lots of red tailed hawks and also Coopers hawks,sharp shined hawks and sparrow hawks.There might be more but that's all I can think of.And some people do call them chicken hawks.


Now that I think about it, I think ours are Cooper Hawks.

I like the yellow eye liner and diagonal eyelashes. We have lots of Red-tails but I never heard them called Chickenhawks. I learn something everyday. Thank you for the info.

As for getting rid of sparrows, the English Sparrows are vicious to Bluebirds and their young. I saw a Bluebird and a "spatsie" go in the same birdhouse and come tumbling out still locked in combat. Luckily the door was not fastened and the fall broke up the fight.


We have crows that have done that to sparrows - they raid the nests for the eggs!! Mean buggers!! Sparrows are much nicer sounding than crows - especially at 5a.m.!!


Yes rob. We have a couple in our neighborhood. They pretty much have gotten rid of all the doves.


You try lyndee!!! I'll give him some space I think!! He's known in the US as the Chickenhawk.


Make him blink rob!