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Another Wednesday Flower

42 pieces
104 solves
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OK, I just read all the comments at once instead of replying to each one of you as I came to your posts. I'm going with Jan on this- it's a "lovely warm flower."

Ardy and Mandy- you two will have to duke it out.

whatnauts, I can go with "beautiful" too. :-)


Hahahaha - ringleader is so right - there are a lot of dunces in this puzzle!!!
Other than that, the flower is beautiful.


MaryNolan - check out the Wednesday Waterlily under Wendy's other alias.


How can you call it "Another" when I don't see a first one? I must have missed one somewhere! Beautiful all the same. 4:45 Tried a different method, solved from the inside out! Kinda weird. LOL Thanks, Wendy!


or maybe its a Knights of the Round Table flower??


Naughty students wearing dunce caps are seated around the lovely blue table. Why? I don't know. I wasn't there. Lovely flower though, Wendy. Thank you for adding that delightful blue. It's become rather special.


Lovely warm flower to cheer up a rainly day, thanks.