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Harbour tugs putting Stena Natalita alongside!

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How did you meet Gwynfor Evans, Phyllis?


Diolch! I don't think with my health the way it is that I shall be able to come home John. Gwynfor Evans once said to me that the Welsh have something in their blood, not just the heart and soul, but the very lifegiving part of us beats in time with Wales. How true...but I think maybe other cultures have a deep connection with their land as well.

I have been taking down the photos of the wall by my pc, there's just the one called Salem now - and plenty of blue tack spots too clean up:-)))
Pob Hwyl


These modern tugs can power themselves sideways and rotate on their axis. They don't have the old style propellors! I might look for a pic that shows them under the waterline. Good to hear from you, Phyllis. I'll give Wales a "hug" for you!!! :-)))


Gosh the tug is a handsome boat, can't say the same for what looks to be a battle worn Stena Natalita. Good puzzle for all that - Diolch yn Fawr