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From the path into Roe Plantation, Bornholm. See comment please.

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Hope you do!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Beautiful, I think I gonna like this walk.


Thanks so very much Sandy, they are NOT from now, the leaves have left the trees now.


Wonderful Fall color Hanne!


Wonderful, Ardy, as long as we can give somebody some joy I feel that we do the right thing. Besides I like SO much this global way of being together - aren't we practising the solution of the we/they problem - making us all into WE?? Thanks so very much dear!!


Lovely, Hanne. Thank you. Last night my former next door neighbor telephoned. I had Thanksgiving dinner with her and her family last Thursday and I was telling her about Jigidi. She called to tell me how much she was enjoying the puzzles and asked for some of my favorites. knowing that she is also an excellent photographer and could really appreciate your postings I gave her both of your profile names. At this point she doesn't intend to sign in so we won't see her on the boards. But I knew she would enjoy Bent's work and yours.


A path leads to the plantation itself, and from this path there is this look out on the fields and the wood on the other side.