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Shapely Loony

49 pieces
109 solves
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You're right, whatnauts--anything Bugosi-related is bound to be full of misdirections and conundrums! :-)))

Hi, Patti--thanks so much for coming here. If my puzzle could help your imagination find a happier and fun place right now, I would be so pleased... Take care.....


So colorful! And we can really use our imaginations with this one! Thanks, Pat!


It's so typical of Bonga Bonga to have a floor of arrows pointing everywhere and nowhere. Quite useless, unless one wants to meet where the arrows coincide.

Cool loony, PD.


Wonderful!!! I'll have to file it away with the baseball fields and the park and the chairycopter landing area I also drew--it must be mental telepathy helping me draw them, since I've never had the great good fortune to visit those places...


This is a little like part of the floor in the Bugosi Winter Palace in Outer fact, I think it IS!.......


Thanks, Katie and Ardy! Auto-correct is much worse, because it will insert its own suggestions if you don't actively stop it, and, if you don't proofread it, they'll stand--at least spell-check just underlines and will then make suggestions!

I got the same feeling of looking down from a balcony to a floor below, too, but I saw the "grating" as belonging to the floor's tile pattern. :-)))


Oh Pat, that's so funny. I thought spell check was bad about some of the things it suggests but autocorrect is even worse. LOL The puzzle makes me think I'm looking down through decorative grating to a lower rotunda with doors opening off from it. Look like a fun place to visit. Thank you.


Hi Pat, this is fun! You're so funny, and we ARE so happy to see Wendy - definitely a good Jigidi day!


Ah, my Wendy is back!!! All's right with the world (well, the Jigidi one, anyway)!

Autocorrect changed "all's right" two times, to Allstate, and Al's right. Finally wars sled the thing to the ground and imposed my will on it! LOL! Yes, that was "wrassled", not "wars sled", but I'm tired of fighting!


This looks like an ultra modern American Indian design. :-)