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35 years ago ticket for the inaugural flight of Concorde into New York...

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They were incredible planes with an exceptional flying record. It is sad that they were grounded due to Continental's part on the runway. I never had the honor to fly in one but walked through the cockpit at a museum in the UK. Claustrophobics would not like the tiny cockpit so it was good that the flights were so short. Thanks Brie.


Hi Sherry. The power of the four engines on Concorde was as great as a Boeing 747 but lifting only 100 passengers. the cause of the catastrophe was put down to a 12 inch piece of a plane belonging to Continental on the runway at Paris and by a fluke Concorde rolled over it and it flew up into the fuel tank in the wing which then spewd fuel over the hot engine and the result was a disaster. Concorde's statistics were wonderful - twice the speed of sound - we touch 1320+ mph, it flew at 59000 feet - twice the height of Everest. The plane grew nearly a foot at top speed. I was fortunate to go on the flight deck. The tip of the nose was +127c and the outside temperature -60c.we left Heathrow at 10.30am and landed at JFK at 8.50!! We arrived before we left! I am fortunate to have flown three times, to Washington and back in the summer of '77. Now most of them have been broken up or sold to museums. there is one in New York but there is one just parked in amongst the weeds at very sad. Bren


I just have trouble understanding how a plane (even a super one like the Concorde) can even get off the ground, much less fly from London to New York in under three hours! I have forgotten the details of why they had to be grounded, but I will never forget the sight of that enormous plane crashing in flames. What a tragedy! I'm glad you have good memories of your flight. Sherry


For that I truly give thanks!! Though British Airways did continue flying their's for a while. They lined the fuel tanks with Keflar but it was to no avail. All three flew over my house that final final day. It used to fly over every day at 5.15pm, the noise was never really that loud, just a much more powerful roar.
We did London to New York in 2hours and 39 minutes that day. There was a grand luncheon in the Waldorf Astoria and then I dashed back to JFK, caught a PanAm standby and was in the school where I taught at 9.05 the next morning. It was a wonderful plane and such wonderful memories as a result.


Thankfully you weren't on the final flight!!