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64 pieces
158 solves
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Thank you...that would be nice...Maybe you can put them on jigidi as private and then mention the puzzle name in your description. That way I can pick it up.


Ladywil, I'll post some smaller puzzles next time.


I saw this puzzle again...sorry I forgot to react. I go up to 46 or so. I find 64 a bit too much, specially when the arthritis in the fingers is playing up.


Thanks lindaisling. Is it Linda by any chance? ladywil produces some lovely kaleidos of 36 pieces - perhaps this will encourage her to go a bit larger. Thank you for your comments.


Some hints for solving mosaic puzzles of this type: first complete the outer edge, then put the center together, while you are doing those two things sort the other pieces by color and then fill in the space between the center and the outer edge going color by color. (For this puzzle I worked out from the center because the colors around the center are less mixed than the colors around the outer edge.) It also helps if you choose a line and work on completing it all the way around. (For this puzzle I first completed the reddish line and then the blue star line at that point the center was connected to the outer edge both top and bottom and all I had to do was fill in the remaining pieces on the sides.) The nice thing about all of the mosaic type puzzles is that you can break them down into smaller puzzles and then put the smaller puzzles together. Mosaic type puzzles are my absolute favorite of all the puzzles here and carthill makes really great puzzles! Thanks for sharing your time and talent carthill. :)


Hi ladywil. Are 64 pieces too many? It might not be as large as you think. Give it a try.


This is very nice...It is too large for me to solve, but the picture is just lovely.