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Halloween Fun #5

36 pieces
192 solves
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Why thank you, Mr. Psquirty...I have traversed to Bugosiland many times and laughed me arse off at the goings on over there. That Lelabug is a nut, and I love the repartee between the 2 of you!

Oh, and don't worry, I do have your 1-800-555-getlucky number, just in case I desperately wish to become a frequent flyer... ;oP


Yes they do Vortex, and so does your avatar, if I may say so! And thanks for stopping over in Bugosiland, Jigidi's land of fun, fantasy and big loads of, um, baloney.


-Psquirty...those traditional pumpkins have a charm all their own, don't they?!
-Mazda...glad you liked this puzzle! :o)
-Jacques...this pic reminds me of my childhood too! I'm glad I could bring you back those happy memories :o)


sleepwell my beautyone!sweet dreams!


earlier when we were kids we ran beets in the form of a ghost, we stopped there a candle and let it burn all night, we did not have many toys as it now exists, but were so happy with little things, sometimes tries I at that time back! Doc thank you for this beautiful picture, he brings many beautiful Memories with it .........XXX

Great puzzle!


Just the way I carve a pumpkin! Triangle eyes and nose, wide smile with three teeth. Perfect!