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Beautifully painted boat!!

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159 solves
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They can give a painful bite, Magda. Layla (the parrot) was very gentle with claws and beak!!


yes, amazing birds, parrots, and very intelligent. My g.d's are all free in a big doublegarage, and are happier now, making friends even with other species. She got them all from the shelter, where she worked, to save them from being put down. The first pet one recognizes me when I am in Canada, whistles to me and dances for me. She is also hurt, when I do not pick her up, due to some bite I got earlier, I am scared.


Mine is hardly ever in her cage. She is "house trained" too!!


Oh, they are interesting, talking a lot! I think I told you, that my niece is dead against parrots privately owned, because they very often turn up sick. She has 3 big and 2 small cokatoos, and lots of other abandoned and sick parrots. But I am sure, yours is healthy!


Hi, Magda. I'm parrotman as I have an African Grey parrot


I am only solving very small ones today,(backlog) but had to do this, it is so pretty! Thanks parrotman.
PS Why parrotman, it should more be like boatman. Or do you have the heart of a sea-pirate? Sorry John, I just could not resist.LOL


Thanks for those comments, smithy and patw!!


Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Great fun and glorious colours