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Rock Sculpted by the Great Pacific

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You're welcome Harleygirl. Thanks for your comment.
It is incredible. The power of nature destroys and creates.


Lovely, the power of nature is incredible. Thanks for sharing this!


Yes, JC - thanks for the reminder. I certainly don't want to misplace my priorities :>))))))))))) Again, thanks for the smiles and the support.


Glad to here it, Kate. Pretty soon you will get back to important things like solving puzzles! LOL!


Thanks JC. I'm glad you like it too. I really love the beautiful and/or amazing sculptures along the coast that show the incredible power of liquid on solid. The area of this photo just delights me.

And yes, if I behave and don't try running a marathon (never have) or anything else really stupid for me, I do think I'm not only feeling better but healing and getting better. HURRAY!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing your good thoughts.


Wow! That's beautiful, Kate! Hope you're feeling better today!