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Potpourri129 - Large - darj

256 pieces
186 solves
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You're very welcome, debs. :)


Wonderful fun!!! I loved the textures and colours. Thank you, Robyn :))


Glad my answer was of help to you Jillibus. I would love to have Photoshop too. Maybe one day. My sister has it, but she's a Graphic Designer. There are so many free things available for both Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop but I would say there are probably more for Photoshop. It's more widely used. I'm not familiar with "Photoshop Elements 6.0" though, I'll have to look it up. Even I don't know all the things I can do with Paint Shop Pro. I've done lots of tutorials (free online) and that helped to introduce me to a lot of the features, besides poking around myself and trying everything but even so, there is still a lot more I'm not using. So I hope you have fun getting to know more about what your program can do. You could always look online for tutorials, at least they walk you through the steps and you can learn some neat things. :))


Again, thanks, InConcert. I have Photoshop Elements 6.0 but am not very good at using it -- I just crop and tweak photos with it in a very limited way. I must learn more! Although I might have to think about getting Paint Shop Pro too some day.
I loved this puzzle (as always) and admire your many variations. Keep 'em coming, please!


Jillibus, thank you! I use Paint Shop Pro to make my puzzles. It's similar to Photo Shop but less expensive. All of the serious artists use Photo Shop, serious meaning ones who would make and sell their artwork for a living. My artwork is a hobby. But there are a lot of 'effects filters' you can get for free or buy. I have two free filters that apply different textures, otherwise I create the textures myself. I have a lot that apply different effects and I often apply more than one effect. So I play around, manipulating pixels, lol, and if I like the results I keep it to use for a puzzle (or whatever). For this puzzle I applied another effect to some of the squares after applying the texture and played around with the settings a bit, so that's how I came up with some of these results. As for the setup of size and squares and the ideas, those are things I came up with myself. I hope that answers your question. :))


You're welcome chilisand, as always! Glad you liked it. :)


This was lovely, thank you.


I second Timmie's comment! I wish I knew how you make these puzzles -- is there some program online as a basis or what?


What a lovely compliment, Timmie, to hear you've been doing my puzzles for so long and sometimes twice and three times. Thank you so much for that feedback and for your kind words. I'm so happy that you enjoy them. I certainly love creating them (and even solving them myself too, LOL), so it's been my pleasure. :))


That was awesome! I am always so happy when I seen one of your new puzzles. I have done them since I joined, and some of them twice and three times.