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Radiant cat!!

48 pieces
126 solves
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I just found this one, Hanne, what fun! I discovered if you put your arrow just outside either side of the puzzle, and then move the arrow up & down, the inner circle around the kitty's face just glows (almost like a light show) !! Good work, Bent . . . thanks you two for sharing this :))))


You guys really have me laughing!! My dog thinks I'm nuts or having some kind of fit! This is so funny!...........
Elfie, is this Missie?..........


Bent saw something like that and tried to make it himself. I think he succeeded!! - anyway it's hard to look at for more than a few seconds!! Thanks so very much Varda!

He's coming whatnauts!! Thanks so very much!!


Here, kitty, kitty.
Thanks Hanne and Bent.


This thing actually pulsates if you look at it for a moment or two. Black magic, I bet - - right, Bent?


Jo, you might have hit some nail somewhere!! Perhaps it might make him change that - whatever it is - to something else!! Thanks so very much!!

Lela, consider - the CATS are coming!!!

So do I, I made the bigger one!! Thanks so very much Varda!!


I'm feeling dizzy. . . .


I'm running.........I'm ru-n-n-i-n-ggggg!................................


Does Lela have mouse ears on that hat? It's hard to tell except they are pink and round. IF SO.....Lela.... Run..... that cat will have you in its power,...... and the gobble you up!!
Much fun! Thankyou , Hanne, Bent, and Lela for the fun!! :) :) :) 2:55 #10


Indeed Jana, thanks so very much!!

Of course, any time!! Thanks so very much Fidget!!

AHHHH, he understood!!!!! Thaaaannnnkkkkssssss!!!


EEEEK!...I am in its power.....I shall obey.....I shall go to the fridge.......I shall open a tin of tuna......


Obey the Kitteh!


Thank you Hanne, a particular image with a cat.