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Friday's Flowers

49 pieces
134 solves
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Ardy, it's not working for me. The only thing I got the wheel to do is to roll off the puzzle, so I had to push it back on.

Katie, oh, geeeeez, I could swear the color is purple. Now I have to rethink the colors.

Mary, that's so cool- a Friday Multi-Flower-Popping Dance. Talk about a cool title! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.


It sure does, buckeye! I worked my way out to that then put all those pieces in and half the puzzle was solved! Love it! Doing the Friday Multi-Flower-Popping Dance, which involves a bit of hopping for popping. LOL Thanks, Wendy!


Hi Wendy! More fabulous Friday flowers! I love that bold blue one in the middle - it pops out of the bouquet!


Fabulous fragrant Friday flowers. Wendy, when I'm on this screen where I'm writing this comment and I scroll u[ and down with my mouse, the red spokes in the bottom right wheel move. I've had this happen on a few other puzzles as well. Thanks for these wheels of flowers.


Thank you, dear PJ. I enjoy making these, but they sure do take more time than a lot of the other ones I create.


Wendy - great. So delightful, colorful and a bit wild.... I'm in awe at your creative way to 'reinvent the wheel' of flowers! :-)


Hi, Ms. Mariasha. And a woohoo to you too! I'm glad you enjoyed the party but I forgot to supply drinks.

Woohoo...that was a mini party in a puzzle...thanks Wendy!