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Fireworks 4

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I was so pleased with the results. I had taken the tripod, set the camera to manual speed (4 seconds) and aperture (f11 iso 200) and focused on some distant buildings hoping the focus would be sharp - success!


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You're so welcome TisketsMum - I know how hard fireworks can be so happy to share. They were superb!


Thanks for the detailed shooting information Bren; I had my first try at taking fireworks this year and they were rubbish


We were so lucky with where we stood. All the crowds were in the park on the other side of the railway line and we were on the edge of the estate where we live. We know where to go next year:o)


Love this one!


As well you should be!! These really came out fantastic, Brie! ;-))


I'm happy to share them - thank you :o)

You have done a great job with these photos of fireworks. Thank you for sharing :)