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Thomas and Sally

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Sally is very small and could easily sit on my hand Gail. If you remember from last year she hatched 3 eggs and after a week she could no longer accommodate them. I ended up selling two with some other chicks and just left her Cloud to rear. She kept her tucked away till they were almost the same size.


Thanks Rosie. Glad that you were able to come by and catch up on the latest goings on. I have not been able to continue the chicken chronicles like last year simply due to lack of time but I do try and post an update every very so often. Not sure which chickens you mean but I have seen some Silkies posted and they do have a big pompon on their heads.


Sally looks not any larger than a chick herself. I hadn't realized she was so tiny. And to imagine her wings surrounding her brood the way they do.


Somehow I've been missing all of your photos of your menagerie and am now catching up. What a beautiful lot you have all around you and what a wonder you are taking care of them with a foot in a cast. I love Thomas and would love to have a rabbit but am not allowed to have one here where I live so I'll just enjoy yours. e is a beauty and sounds like a big imp with his teasing. And I love all of the new families you've had hatch this spring. Looks as though you will have a beautiful group of Sebrights and actually be able to breed them. They are one of the most beautiful chickens I've ever seen pictures of. The other one I like is the feathery chicken that people have posted pictures of. I don't remember the name just the incredible feathers they have and the magnificent crowns of feathers they wear on their heads.


Thanks ikook and Marilyn. They really are at both ends of their respective spectrums. Very few breeds smaller than Sebrights and very few rabbits bigger than the Flemish Giant. There are other chickens all around them but for the most part they were only half in the picture so I cropped it down to this.


A giant bunny and a minature chicken what a contrast, I enjoy your puzzles.


a beauty and a big beautiful beast, Edie :-)


I wish I had the time for individual comments Ardy but if I did that I wouldn't be able to solve very much so I guess it's a little selfish on my part :-))


Such a sweet photo, Edie. I enjoyed reading all the comments and your reply.


Thanks for all your comments. I think both things are true. Sally is very small weighing about 20 oz. and Thomas who will be 6 months old on the 25th of June weighs about 14 lbs. Thomas is a rascal and when I let him out to mingle with all the chickens he loves running up behind them and making them jump out of the way. A typical boyish prank. I'm waiting to see if one of them pecks him on the nose but so far no one has.


Barb - I thought the same thing! But, what a great pair they make! Thanks, Edie.


Great picture and great friends. Love them :-))) Thanks a lot Edie.


A lovely photo, Edie. And they certainly seem to be getting along okay. Either Sally is much smaller than I realized or Thomas is much bigger. :-))


Sally looks sooo tiny. Hee hee


What a cute couple!


Great how they get along together..........


Very sweet!