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You Know It Is Spring When a Cat Grows on the Table

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Flkatz, I feel the same way and wash the table down regularly.......probably cleaner than most people's tables. :)))))


Glad I'm not the only one who allows this Carol. I do use the antibacterial cleaner daily, but my girl loves that high position, and for the very fact she can see out front and back..I also hang pics low like that cat's eye level~~lol!


Hi Oddman! No, they are flowering cherry trees...they look like popcorn the blossoms are so big. I back on the High School Varsity Baseball field.....most people would think that is bad.......for 90% of the time there is no one around AND someone mows the lawn! Payton usually vacates the table when the sun disappears or he gets off to beg for something good while we are cooking......nothing like leftover fur with dinner. :)))


You weren't planning on using the table for anything else, were you??

I always enjoy a visit to your lovely home, Carol. Are those apple blossoms? And it looks you have a good view of a couple of ball fields!


I never thought of that Catslave. Give Ash, Freya and Tyr belly rubs for me!


I think you do Payton a disservice! He's just ensuring the table doesn't suddenly jump out into the Spring sunshine to gambol in the grass like a lamb!! See, people never think of these things, we have to rely on cats. :D


Thanks Whizbang, it is one of my favorite spots in the house. Fodus, yup this comes under cats are "heat seeking missles" when it comes to finding the sunshine.


It's t he only place where there is sun.

This is a fun picture! Looks like a mellow spot for the non-cats to hang out too.....