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Southwest! Petroglyphs-Arches National Park

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These, according to those who know better than me were pecked in the 1200's to 1400's. I see four horses and a dog, maybe, as well as the Big Horn Sheep.


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This is one of the best shots I have seen of this site Congratulations.


nice one!


There's a problem. I was under the impression that the horse was introduced by the Spanish, who arrived after 1500 (Columbus was 1492). The "horses" here - at least 4 of them - seem to have riders. Could they have been llamas? The one on the upper left, with the arch of the neck, particularly suggests that. They weren't supposed to be up here, but at least they were known to be in the hemisphere, and Peru is not that far away.

That IS a great, clear shot--most petroglyphs don't show up that well!


Great shot Warbler. At Capitol reefs they had to cordon off the pets because of stupid people placing their own art on the walls. They should have shot them.