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Just one of the buds

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My Hibiscus is getting ready to bloom again


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Thanks Laurajane


Oh right. I remember that hibiscus. Yes, do post one that opens. It's always good to cheer one's winter up. Thanks, Pat.


It's my hibiscus tree that I have had for at least 6 years... I put it on the back deck in the summer and bring it in the house in the winter. This year because the wild kittens decided to use it for a bathroom until I caught them.. so before we brought it in the house we changed all the soil and it's a good thing because it was so root bound.. It has just went to town blooming this winter... I have a bloom that be out tomorrow I think and I will take a picture and post.. thanks for stopping by Laurajane..


What kind of flower is this, Pat? Will you show us what it looks like when it blooms?


Yep it is going to bloom thanks Celeste nice to see you...


Cool looking Bud
:) smiles


Thanks gnt1041 nice to see you


good pic and set pkin


It will open probably tomorrow. So will take a picture and post. I have never seen as many blooms on this plant as there have been this winter. Thanks Jan for stopping by.


Yippee! Wonderful to see this. It's very cheering! Thanks so much, Pat!


Thanks Patti this is my time of day.... Never was one to sleep in... When I do I get a horrible headache....


NO it's in my house.... I bring this one in every winter....


Could be a case of frozen buds bud.


(Yes, I woke up early & couldn't go back to sleep. Nice time to go to Jigidi! I'm doing all right -- thanks.)


Thanks Lorna it is a happy plant.... It gets all the sun (when it is out) that it needs... Hugs
Thank you Patti your up early... nice to see you.. how are you doing... Hugs
Ardy I do to ... this plant can get big and take up a big chunk of space ... Good thing I have a big kitchen.. Hugs


I love flowering plants especially in the winter. Be sure to talk to it and tell it how great it is. Thanks, Pat.


I love its promise! Thank you!


Nice photo Pat. That looks one very happy and healthy plant!


Sis I will ... But couldn't believe all the buds on it .. Just loaded again ... So my kitchen will have flowers again and again...


I think you have to make that photo again in a few days. It promiss to be a beautiful flower. Thanks.