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Arrival of Sinterklaas, typical Dutch. #1

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Yes Cathy I'm so thankfull you told me. It's terrible to lose your doggie. And I did not see it. I'd hate to discover it later.


Ank, I'm glad you left starlord a note. He needs to know his friends are with him right now. And, I love Christmas films too and the music and the lights ... and everything!


Cathy I have seen that film, I have it on DVD. It's such a cutie. I love Christmas films.


Thank you Cathy. I did not know. I just did visit that photo. It's terrible for him. Thanks for telling, I must have missed it because I was less online. And I would have feel bad if I found out later. So I'm very glad you told me.


Hi Ank. On starlord's puzzle you asked him what was wrong. As you know he is recovering from bronchitis. Then on Sunday his much loved dog died. He posted a picture of Witse and talked about his feelings. Before you read that one have a tissue or a handkerchief close by.


If any one wants to hear this song you can find it in the old version of the movie, "Miracle on 34th Street". A little Dutch girl sits on Santa's lap and they sing this song together. Thanks again, Ank, for the words.


Well Cathy I'm very happy that this brings good memories. So I'm glad I did remember the words. This gives warm feelings. Hug


Thank you for the words to the song. Now I can sing it in Dutch and remember my dear friend. And I will save this puzzle with all its interesting information!! Dank je, Ank !


Sinterklaas Kapoentje,
gooi wat in mijn schoentje,
gooi wat in mijn laarsje,
Dank u Sinterklaasje.

Sinterklaas Kapoentje, (this is something like dear Sinterklaas)
throw what in my shoe,
throw what in my boot,
thank you Sinterklaasje.

This is the song Lorna is talking about.

Thanks friends. It's a lovely tradition, special when you have little hildren around. December is a great time, first Sinterklaas and then Christmas.


Thank you, Ank for these wonderful pictures and your great explanation. A lady I visited in the hospital once taught me a cute little song about Sinterklass. The last line is Danke, Sinterklass!


de stoomboot uit Spanje


Such a great history you have given us, Ank! Thank you so much!


I love all the different traditions people have to celebrate at this time of year. It is so much fun for the children - - and also for the adults. Thanks for sharing the photos and the history, Ank!!


You're welcome Hanne. I had to give the info. What would people think when they see this photos without the info. Maybe they would think, Hey Santa in cognito. lol


Oh, this is funny, Ank, I knew about it but not that much. Thanks so very much for the fine information!!


Yes it is a fun time and you know after Sinterklaas is gone Santa is there. So we have a very long fun time. And the shops are very happy, they have a great time.


Sounds like a fun time of the year. Like our Christmas


Hi Treker and Lorna. Yes this tradition is very popular. It's Dec 5 because, Dec 6 was his birthday. He was the Bishop of Mira, once a real living man. And yes the children love it. And not only the children.


What a lovely tradition Ank, thank you for explaining it. I bet the children get very excited!


Thanks for the explanation pj. This tradition starts earlier than the December celebration of Santa Claus in the US.


Yesterday was a great day for the Dutch children. Sinterklaas did arrive. Sinterklaas lives in Spain and comes every year to the Netherlands. He comes by boat and is accompanied by his zwarte Pieten (Black Peters). The zwarte Pieten are his servants. Sinterklaas is something like Santa Claus. On the evening of Dec. 5 everyone receives present. And Dec.6 he returns to Spain. But there is more. Sinterklaas rides his horse over the rooftops. And the zwarten Pieten look everywhere. They look inward by the chimneys and make notes in a thick book. Are the children sweet or naughty. Sinterklaas must know everything about you. The children put their shoe in the chimney. They put a root for the horse in. Sinterklaas does than a small gift or some candy in the shoe. They can do that every day when Sint is in NL. The Zwarte Pieten make always fun and antics. They always carry a large bag with sweets.
At some moment the children do'n't believe in Sinterklaas anymore. Then families mostly start to celebrate Santa Claus instead of Sinterklaas.