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Our Miracle Angel - Caroline Iris

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Our babies Charlotte, weighed 4lbs 2.8oz (15 1/2 inches.) Lilah weighed 4lbs 6.5 oz.(16 1/2 inches) They are doing good in nicu. I pray that all goes well for little Caroline! thanks for sharing!

Caroline was born on 8/20/12 at 6lbs and 2ozs. She had her first open heart surgery 1 week later. She got to came home on 10/19/12. She takes a bottle twice a day and is fed by a feeding tube the rest of the time. She will go for her second open heart surgery in January or February, they would like for her to be 15 pounds. She will have her third surgery when she is two years old. God has truly blessed us and his angels surely watch over her. Her mom and dad (my son) are doing great with her. God Blesses!

Beautiful! tell us more about her!
our grandaughter just gave us 2 of those miracles on oct 31 born at 32 weeks. mono mono twins. (In same sac) very high risk but doing ok so far!
Jesus loves the little children! (me too)